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Full Version: A couple forum changes
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We decided to merge a couple of subforums together to streamline Fanres a bit.

"Movies" and "Cartoon, TV series" were merged into "Movies, TV and other"

"Restorations, preservations, edits etc." and "Available releases" into "Official and unofficial releases"

"Bug reports" with "suggestions"

Also "Encoding, editing and authoring" was changed to "Audio and video editing" and "Conversion and mux/demux" to "Converting, encoding, authoring".

All threads were moved appropriately.
Thank you for the extra work Faellan.
I'd put Announcements and Bug Reports and Suggestion under one single forum, Forum Software, and put it on top.
For the rest, agree, now forum is a bit more slender. Refining the forum is always a sort of "work in progress", I think! Big Grin
I dunno, are bug reports an important enough subforum to be at the top? Smile
Nope, but we could spare another forum, to add this just under Announcement! Big Grin
Perfect! Ok
Yeah, I think it looks a little better nowOk