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Full Version: first impressions - feedback wanted
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Hi folks, what do you think of the site? Do you like the name? fanres stands mainly for fan restoration, but res could be also used for resolution, and some other words...

What about the overall look? I know it's the usual, classic theme, but after I tested a lot (and I mean it!) everyone had some problem... so, should I continue to search for a better theme, or it's good as is? Of course, I could always change the color, which one do you prefer?
Logo: do you like it?

Thanks for the feedbacks!
It looks great and over time I think the place will get busier with more people participating. You've done a nice job here.
Theme is good, and easy to read, I like themes without much colour, and a neutral background as it doesn't make screenshots look colour tinted.

Quick question, I see there is a similar reddit for this kind of thing based on the AMPS site, so what do we gain by having multiple places for pretty much the same activity?
This is not a criticism, but a real question, are there advantages to one over the other, and if so, whould we just have one (whether it is this site, or the reddit or something else).
Thanks for your feedback! I really like minimalist look for a website... "less is more"!

This whole site project was in the drawer well before AMPS existed... but, for a reason or another, was not ready, until now.

I liked AMPS - actually I was an user - until it changed to reddit... I don't like reddit at all, and I think a forum format is the best one to have for a fan restoration site; plus, a "real" domain - instead of a page on another site - it's better for everything; search engines and member's own memory... a six char domain should be quite easy to remember, don't you think? And maybe will help to drive some traffic - and maybe find some new project maker!

I don't expect members to leave OT or AMPS (or fanedit, too!) but I hope they will join this forum as well!
OT is very focused on SW (obviously) leaving little space for other movie restorations; AMPS seems a lot focused on film restoration; is a very strong community but, as its name suggests, focused almost entirely onto fan edits... this forum is mainly about fan restorations, but not only; will restore and preserve any kind of movie, cartoon, tv series; using all medium as source, analog or digital, broad or niche...

Its mission? To be the aggregation point for all project makers and their followers! Everyone is welcome!
(2015-01-03, 09:44 PM)spoRv Wrote: [ -> ]fanres stands mainly for fan restoration, but res could be also used for resolution, and some other words...

And a fan is also a ventilator. It's not related to anything but it's FAN... I mean FUN!!! XD
Indeed, you are right... we could attract some computer hardware hacker, or an old granny's fan amateur restorer... Wink
You could add some nice icons, like one for private messages instead of that text notification.

>> more symbols/images, less text.

So far a solid 8/10 from me, because everything is overseeable.
We'll see... the most important thing is the forum is up and running well... it seems so! Big Grin
Agreed, the forum is up and running and that's the most important part.
So far, I would agree with the 8/10 rating.

IMHO, this forum doesn't need to look like a 10/10 because the CONTENT is the most important part and how easy the site is to use. The layout is clean and functional. This makes me happyWink
It's not reddit, need we say more. Smile
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