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Full Version: Forum Update bug - Focus & Sign-in Window At Page Bottom
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Using Firefox 51:    at top of page, clicking sign-in jumps to page bottom with sign-in window half off screen and no slider (open picture in new tab for full-size) . .

[Image: FR_update_bug_signin.jpg]
Huh, that's weird. Same thing happens for me. Don't log out I guess, until I fix this lol
I just noticed on this 2nd sign-on that the vertical slider bar disappearing is actually the page shifting to the right, so that the slider moves off-screen. Clicking outside the sign-in window makes the sign-in window exit and the page to shift back to the left, revealing the slider.

It's like a magic show ! DON'T FIX IT !!   Big Grin
Don't tempt me lol
Should be fixed
Upgrade to FF57 it's WAY better!
A-a-a-aw ... it's fixed ...  [Image: wAwVT.gif]

BTW, I see the page still slides to the right (which hides the vertical slider). It might've always been that way but previously I never noticed.

(2017-11-28, 03:36 AM)Valeyard Wrote: [ -> ]Upgrade to FF57 ...

It's too soon. I'd want a ton of add-ons that haven't been re-written for it yet.

But I'll keep an eye on it.  [Image: 7418489116_ab0a1708c9.jpg]