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Full Version: Interview with Dale Grahn, Colour Timer
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Hi guys you might enjoy this podcast, it's an interview with one of the legends of photochemical colour timing, Dale Grahn. Dale timed Predator, Die Hard and a whole bunch of Spielberg films. He also timed a lot of Disney stuff that no other timer would touch, even working with the various art departments to determine which colour paints would register best on film.
I'm so glad that Grahn made the remarks that he did about color timing versus colour grading. It's just a US/UK difference in terminology, and I find the attempt to make a hair-splitting distinction between them to be rather annoying.

EDIT: What he said about color wheels strikes a chord too. I've always felt that they offer too much freedom, and I don't like using them.

Grahn comes across as a very down-to-earth guy, someone who'd be great to have a drink with and who would probably be sympathetic to many of the things that we take issue with about modern transfers.
Can't listen to it from my phone... Sad

Could be possible to transcript it in a text file, then put it here? AFAIK there are some software (even free) that could do that with few errors - always depending by quality of recording and speech intelligibility, of course.
Have you tried a different browser? If not you should be able to download the file to listen offline.
That was a wonderful listen. Makes you wish you could indeed have a long conversation with him about how the workflow is supposed to serve the story and not harm it.
Forgot to add my thanks. It was a great podcast with a really cool expert.

I also liked the criticism of the color wheels but even more I liked his discussion of timing the WB so that the color is consistent as possible as the feature gets printed closer to the release print.

(Side note: I'm probably the only one here that this happened to but when I first saw his name, I saw Dave Gahan and thought of Depeche Mode, lol)
Nope. You're not the only one. Wink