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Full Version: Free Pro Tools
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Just read about some new pro tools beginning offered to the public. For people just beginning, on a limited budget or who are no good with AVIsynth (like me), there are some great things out there.

The first is not newly release but I still highly recommend it. If you need to color correct, Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve Lite is one of the best programs you can use. It recently moved to version 12:

They also just released a copy of their VFX software Fusion for free:

Fusion may not be 100% useful for project makers here but when it was released it forced the Foundry to make a non-commercial version of Nuke. Besides being great for VFX work, Nuke contains a whole host of tools for moving, arranging and fixing images:

here are some nice video guides of what it can do:

Both programs can do limited editing but are no where near the level of a pro NLE, like Premiere, Final Cut or the big boy Avid. What's nice is later this year Avid will release a stripped down, free version of their Composer software called, Avid Media Composer First:

The details are still sketchy at this time but it the release offers half what the full software does, this will be a great program.

Pretty much all of these are locked into the 1080p world opposed to 4K. But when you put them all together you can achieve some great results.
Great info, thanks PDB!