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Full Version: Ripping Audio From DVDs
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Hello all, I am looking to rip a couple of audio tracks from a couple DVDs I own... One has an Isolated Score Track... And the other I want to try and extract discrete channels of 5.1 (AC3 and DTS tracks) for a small snippet of the film for another personal project I'm working on.

On my old PC, I used DVD Audio Extractor which I had great success with once upon a time... I am on a Mac Mini Currently (with and external USB DVD drive), but haven't had much luck with the same program.

I do realize that there is a paid version of that program for Mac, but I'm wondering... What is another good program for ripping DVD audio for Mac?

Bonus points if it can rip Lossless DVD-A tracks as well.
If you must only have DVD audio tracks and don't feel like going through extra steps, DVDFab and the paid version of DVD Audio Extractor for Mac would probably be your only options unfortunately. If you're willing to do extra steps and don't want to pay for bloated softwares, there are are several options for Mac in regards for ripping and extracting. The easiest free methods I can think of for ripping would be the Mac versions of VLC (which has a record button that records anything losslessly) and/or MakeMKV. Keep in mind you'd might need both as they work differently depending on disc and such. For extracting audio from the video file, I recommend tsMuxer since that's also for Mac too.
Thank you!! I'll try and check out tsMuxer!
MPEG Streamclip could do this.

You could also import the MPEG-2/VOB file into Adobe Premiere, and choose the channels you want. I've been doing that recently for a Terminator game project, let me know if you need full instructions.