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Full Version: Any interest in these DVDs?
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I recently found the last few DVDs I still own and wondered if they are of any interest to anyone here for a project. If so, I can rip them for you.

Links to the relevant DVDcompare versions.


House of Flying Daggers

Die Hard

Die Hard 2

Die Hard 3

If anyone wants a copy just let me know and I'll sort them out.

PS: What's the best way to rip DVDs these days?
Due to the sad fact, dass Germany got "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers" just with German and original Audio, but NO SUBTITLES AT ALL, I would be interested in both DVDs.

What do you want for them?

Ripping is a serious topic, also it depends on what do you want to have after ripping. Also people tend to favourite different tools.
Sorry they aren't for sale. I just thought someone might be interested in them in case they contained useful video or audio for a project.
Ah, then I understood you wrong. Sounded if you wanted to stop collecting DVDs (in times of BluRay and streaming services).
Should have my post clearer, sorry.

Edited it now.
MakeMKV is by far your best bet for ripping the DVD 1:1, without loss. You can even choose which video and audio tracks you'd like to export.