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Full Version: Amityville 3-D - Aligned
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The Shout Factory BD of Amityville 3-D (1983) has a fine transfer (of an alternate version) that maintains the flaws that you'd see in an original 35mm print. Namely, it keeps the alignment errors that are part of the original photography. I aligned each shot to minimize vertical parallax, making the 3D easier on the eyes.

If anyone has access to the original titles and effects shots that are missing on this disc, I'd be up for revising this.

Source: Shout Factory BD

Available as a frame-packed 3D BD. Must provide blanks, postage, and proof of purchase. PM for details.
Seems interesting!

May you post some before-after comparison?
No need for comparison pics, just look at the top and bottom edges to see the change in vertical parallax.

[Image: Fyw4bQE.jpg]
[Image: 75Nsdov.jpg][Image: Yw36Kfs.jpg][Image: G4p1ClG.jpg][Image: 8ZwCIy3.jpg][Image: 5IZVoVe.jpg]