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Full Version: When it comes to the Star Wars prequels and the original trilogy cgi.
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When it comes to the Star Wars prequels cgi and also the original trilogy good cgi changes. I want to know if it’s possible to upgrade it to modern standards and if so I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried to upgraded them. I know the prequels would be a pain to do and yes I know that technically episode 2 and 3 will be stuck to 1080p. but still the prequels cgi aged so poorly that a Vader fan film showing Vader heading to Naboo looked better than the original version of Naboo in the prequels. I really wish someone would do this to bring the films to modern day.
Funny coincidence. I was just remarking elsewhere that I would love something like this as well. Long as the original is still given equal respect and you have the choice which to watch.
Actually EP1 has improved Yoda in subsequent "version":
Tom arrow I know right imagine the prequels with the cgi we have now and the good cgi scenes from the original trilogy with the cgi we have now. plus I saw a video where the old lightsabers were given the style they got in the Disney Star Wars films. also another tweak someone should do for empire strikes back is do a deepfake of the emperor so he looks the way he does in return of the Jedi. Oh one little fun thing in one of the new Star Wars games the actor who played jango fett says most if not all the lines in empire but significantly better than the way he says it in the special editions.
Well, you can give Lucasfilm and Disney a couple millions. Then they might update it Wink
I wish they would update the cgi it’s not like they don’t have the money and the tech they have it would be awesome. yes it wouldn’t make the prequels better movies but it would be more immersive. When it comes to the original trilogy remove the bad parts of the cgi like the bad comedic bits jabba the ronto remove Jedi rock restore the original song and update sy snootles to look better make the cgi sarlacc pit look cooler etc.
Why should they? They should put their time and money in new projects. All this tinkering doesn't help and then you get stupid things like macclunky.
It's true, where to take the money. On the other hand they could just do fundraisers for stuff like this, see if there's interest. But that would be much too "impulsive" for corporations. They seem like ents. 10 years to even say hello. Lots of talking, little actually done, regulations and rules everywhere. It's awful.
There was a promising project over at OT:

Unfortunately the projectmaker wasn´t online since october 2020. So hopefully he is alright.
So he was the only one work on such a project that’s sad I wish there was someone who would do what adywan is doing but with the good cgi effects that he isn’t going to touch upgrade in the original trilogy and all the cgi in the prequels. it’s sad because I’ve seen people on YouTube doing fanedits that update the cgi in certain films but this one of the ones no one’s going to tackle and that makes me sad if I knew how to use cgi I’d do it myself but it’s to complicated for me.
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