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Full Version: VCR buying guide
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That is very helpful. I am looking at getting a pro vcr and this will help. Thanks for posting this.

Now I just need a laserdisc buyer's guide Smile
Thanks for the info. Are there any Laserdisc players in the US that should be considered first for capturing audio? (mainly PCM)
If you will capture via digital cable (possibly using a bit-perfect capture card), any player with a digital audio should do - in theory, the output should be bit-by-bit identical to the signal recorded on disc. In theory...
SpoRv is correct, any player with optical sp-dif will output PCM and DTS. There's some debate on whether the MUSE players can output DTS for some reason.
Awesome thanks, good to know. If I get into the analog realm, do things differ significantly?
Yeah, with analogue stuff you need good ADCs, the whole quality of your output depends on that. With digital it doesn't really matter as there can be no loss.
(2018-02-22, 09:52 AM)bronan Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome thanks, good to know. If I get into the analog realm, do things differ significantly?
You need to clarify what you mean. If you are referring to the analogue soundtracks on laserdiscs then you will probably want an older player with good audio circuits/outputs and preferably CX noise reduction for stereo tracks. You would then need a capture card/device with good ADC circuitry. Remember that analogue laserdisc soundtracks will not output over digital sp-dif, only via the phono outs.
Sorry for not being more specific, but that's exactly what I meant. I think I got it now! I will research models now that I know what I'm looking for.
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