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Full Version: Do NOT disregard youtube as source for extras on projects!
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As we all know, youtube bitrates, even on 720p and 1080p video, absolutely SUCKS!!!  Eek

However, in many cases, when looking for "rare" extras, youtube ends up being the only source. To make matters worse, it's usually 360p/480p and usually de-interlaced improperly by way of blending or bad-combing, (which is even worse because of low bitrate and produces additional artifacts) plus the framerates are not always 29.970fps (even when mediainfo states that as framerate) but when loaded into avidemux, sony vegas or after effects, I have come to discover that the framerates are actually 29.966 or 29.978 or some other weird sh*t, where I have to demux/remux the video re-applying a "hard" 29.970fps, which interestingly enough usually helps with the audio sync "magically" realigning when remuxed back in using "my mp4box." On occasion, there will be a video which is properly de-interlaced and looks "ok." The audio bitrate is always ~128kbps 44khz aac, while the video bitrates are usually ~450/~1000kbps (360p/480p) AVC codec, usually baseline@l3.

Ok, so I basically just listed all the reasons why this footage should NOT be used (LOL)  Eyedrop

BUT the reason WHY IT SHOULD is this: If you don't use it, you might loose it!  Blush  Cry  Dodgy

With how heavy the DMCA notices have been rolling out, some of the stuff disappears and you may not be able to find it anywhere else. As an example, last year I was putting together extras for my "The Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut 1080p BD-50" project and some of the footage I found was sourced from things I found online (some from actual .vob sourced DVD material and some from streaming sites) including things I found on youtube. I found some awesome "video assist footage" that is in B&W with no audio, but shows a few scenes while they were being shot and re-shot and re-shot (you get the picture, LOL) and this footage is unique in the fact that it is footage NOT available ANYWHERE else (and I have looked all over the internet) I am really happy that I decided to include this footage (after a LOT of clean-up work, as the original footage is basically a camera pointed at a monitor and there was some MASSIVE flicker issues as a result which created werid contrast/brightness issues that I had to fix)

When most people will look at this, it's still low-quality sh*t that is really just included as a fun, rare, unique extra and most people will ask, "Well then why include it, if those that want to can view it on youtube?" and to them I say, "Because it won't always be available!" as I can demonstrate here, where thanx to FOX, the extra that I included is now gone:

Interested in hearing other people thoughts on this and whether it would be worthwhile to download certain stuff now, while it's still available, in case it may be next on the "chopping block" of the DMCA Confuseduperman:
Agree, I think it's better to have a low quality extra than nothing... then, *sometimes* (read: really really rarely) there are some high quality youtube material that it's worth to get ASAP, before they will be gone forever...
I do agree that youtube is a place for finding material that needs to be saved. It is also a good resource to at find out about things we may not know are around so that we can search them out and archive them.

It can be a win/win even if the quality isn't always the greatest.
Yeah, I have been archiving stuff off of youtube for the last couple of years. Most of the stuff is still there (although not always available in the 480p that I downloaded and now only in 360p) but there is a lot of things that are now either not accessible in the US (which I have found a Russian workaround for) or it is actually gone altogether now.

Are there any things you guys can think of (in relation to certain films/animation/ tv shows/etc.) that you might be interested in? If so, feel free to leave me a list here and I'll see what is availableWink
How about the Director's Cut of Alien? I am looking for some extra's for inclusion on a release that I'm working on getting finalized so it can be completed.

Between life and a ton of projects right now, I have very little time, but when I'm waiting for stuff to render, I'll use another computer to see what I can find a report back to you within next few daysWink
Awesome, thanks.

I have this saved ....

My "Henson Rarities" channel is full of stuff you won't find anywhere else - and it was shut down for awhile, so a lot of that would have been unavailable. For example, I haven't released my slightly-unfinished restoration of "Secrets of the Muppets" anywhere but Youtube/Vimeo.