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Full Version: TSmuxeR
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I continue to use it almost always, MultiAVCHD uses it... I think it's a great software, but someone told me the multiplexed files obtained by it could have some compatibility issues... what do you think?
If there is one thing that I'm determined to learn, it is this. I'd like to add your LD audio from Halloween to the video of the 35th Ann. Blu-ray.
Do you prefer the 35th Ann. BD color grading over the 1999 THX DVD? Just a question! Personally, even if 35th Ann. BD has a good, natural grading, I still prefer the "more" natural grading of the 1999 THX DVD - in autumn (or fall in US) leaves are red, I think, at least here in Italy... Wink
I think your 1999 THX DVD color grading is better. The 35th Ann. release is just a tad washed out looking during the day time scenes in my opinion.