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Full Version: How to properly Inverse Telecine?
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I need some help to properly IVTC a video clip (H.264, 29.97fps, 720x480 enhanced) & a movie (D-Theater: MPEG2, 29.97fps, 1080i).

I don't have any experience with Avisynth or the likes.
A guide for this would probably help others as well.

Any help for the proper tools and methods would be appreciated Smile
It depends. If the source is the raw original capture/encode, you can usually use this afaik:


I prefer this over other methods because it's a fixed robust algorithm that doesn't do any image analysis and as such is not susceptible to running into problems in various situations, for example when movies employ low-fps slow motion (which creates duplicate frames naturally).

The problem is that if the source has been recut, even losslessly, the order of frames may have become compromised, thus it would, for example, work well until the cut appears, and then go out of sync and fail. I encountered this when trying to use it on a particular fanedit of Lord of the Rings. The editor was editing the 29,97 fps footage sadly and just cut it in arbitrary places. As such it's almost impossible to properly convert it back to 24 fps.

But I think in your case it might work just fine.
More AviSynth options:




Should also work.

I've also found that newer versions of Virtualdub have a dedicated IVTC filter which works really well, even when the cadence changes randomly:

[Image: R0cAcFE.png]
TFM + TDecimate at default settings work 99% of the time... for the remaining 1%, usually tweaking the settings fix it.