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Full Version: overlay chroma + luma only in Resolve
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Hi guys,

For a project, I think I can fix blow out highlights in a particular master, by adding a second layer on top of the original, where I changed the contrast and luminosity so that highlights come back.

However this top image is of course very dark.

How can I in Resolve only use the luma and chroma portions on this overlay ie how can I remove the actual image only leaving out the color?

So that my layers goes: 1/ Master normaly color timed 2/ Overlay of the color only manipulated to fix the errors in 1.

Thanks if anyone can help. This is a resolve project.
To separate Chroma and Luma into separate nodes (and then rejoin them) you can do this:

1. Add a new serial Node
2. Add a new Layer Node. This will put a new node beneath the one created in step 1, and add a new Layer Mixer to put them back together.
3. Label the top Node "Luma" and simply reduce the saturation to 0.
4. Label the bottom Node "Chroma" and remove the Luma by using the Primaries Bars (Page 2 under Color Wheels) and dragging the Y channel down as far as you can under Gain:

[Image: u8DUUnS.png]

Your preview image will now be all dark and ugly. To fix this, right click on the layer Mixer node, and choose Composite Mode - > Add.

Now you are essentially back where you started, but you have a Luma Node and a Chroma Node which you can adjust separately.

[Image: vovBv8h.png]

I use this technique all the time - I like to sharpen only the Luma and use noise reduction only on the Chroma.