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Full Version: [Request] Crocodile Dundee (1986) Australian Version VHS audio
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Sadly, jerry hasn’t been here in a number of years. I think life caught up to him. So I would considered this project dead for now.

If anyone wants to pick it up. Have at it.
(2016-06-03, 11:58 AM)IcePrick Wrote: [ -> ]I have a couple of questions. Do we know for certain that that Aussie tape is the original version? I'm just wondering if CBS FOX got lazy and put out the International Cut in all territories. And do we know for certain that the film was originally in stereo?

EDIT: by the way, I have a PAL VCR with Hi-Fi audio. I can do the capture if no one else volunteers.

Could you capture the audio, i might give it a go.
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