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  The Dark Knight Saga Fan Edit (Edit Made by Saad Alkhatib)
Posted by: Saadkh - 2020-10-27, 08:18 AM - Forum: Released - Replies (1)

The Dark Knight Saga Fan Edit
(Edit Made by Saad Alkhatib)

I made a fan edit of the Dark Knight Trilogy Saga(Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises) all three into one chronological huge edit, that removes all the bad, unnecessary parts, plot holes, and unnecessary characters from the three movies to try best as possible to makes it into a more serious, realistic Batman worthy cut that these three amazing movies deserve.
I used lots of tracks from the three movies either to mix, hide, or cover certain audio parts, I also added some sound effects here and there to justify certain cuts.
I felt this cut for the whole trilogy is necessary because the whole trilogy is amazing but some parts of the movies as we all know are idiotic or serve no purpose in the trilogy especially The Dark Knight Rises, I honestly feel that this cut is the best version out there from the three movies.
This is the definitive Dark Knight Trilogy Cut. The Screenshot is a sample of a scene I was working on:

Major Edits (not every single detail because it will take a lifetime to remember each scene I removed or every cut I made):

  • Removed all the children playing games scenes from the begging of the movie.
  • Removed Rachel and any mention of her from Batman Begins because honestly, she was unnecessary, she creates a little nitpick plot whole because they changed the actress in The Dark Knight, the only motive justifying her existence in Batman Begins is to be Batman's love interest, they also made her assistant DA just to justify her being around every crime batman fights.
  • The movie starts with Bruce Wayne in prison and picks-up from their then we know the story from flashbacks as it was shown in the original movie.
  • No involvement of Rachel in mixing the water with the drug, Batman now crashes it down without being Rachel's savior all the time.
  • No saving Rachel chase scene, Now the chase happens but because Batman wants to escape from police.
  • No Scarecrow following Rachel and the little boy, now he disappears during the events.
  • No last scene with Wayne and Rachel, the scene cuts to Batman and Gordon meeting at the rooftop to discuss The Joker's appearance.
  • Added the Gotham Tonight segments between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight as it adds a lot to the saga and characters.
  • Gotham Tonight segments are represented between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight except for the last one as it is represented after the bank heist as it is mentioned in the Gotham Tonight segments.
  • Removed any mention of Rachel's relationship with Batman in The Dark Knight and made her Harvey's love interest.
  • Removed any notion or mention or hint that Rachel was in a relationship with Wayne.
  • Removed Talia al Ghul and any mention of her, and any plot whole concerning her because honestly, she is the major reason this movie is not as good as the first two.
  • Removed the plotline of the Gotham citizen that has a detonator, so the story concerns Bayne using the bomb to control the city while he and his group are the only ones that know that the bomb will eventually explode until Batman and the rest of the guys discover it will eventually explode.
  • Removed the conversation about Bane and Batman about him knowing he is Wayne.
  • Removed most of the scenes concerning the whole and it's a legend, now it's more of a prison that Batman escapes from.
  • Removed the part when Robin discovers that Wayne is Batman as it is idiotic.
  • Hugely edited the ending as best as I could to try to make it made sense.
  • Removed the scene when the cat woman knows Batman's identity, she gives him to Bane then leaves.
  • Removed love story between Wayne and Catwoman.
  • Edited the final fight scene, removing all of Talai's involvement, as now Batman fights Bane and starts beating him then Catwoman shoots him to his death then the race starts to stop the bomb.
  • Removed the scene at the ending that shows Gordon now knows who's Batman's true identity.
  • Removed the ending involving robin discovering the bat cave and hints of him becoming the new batman.
  • Edited the final scene to hint that Wayne is still alive as the movie cuts when Alfred looks at the camera.
  • The final scene is of Batman looking over the city while Ras-AlGul voiceover says "Legend".
  • And lots and lots and lots of edits all over the three films that I honestly can't remember but all of them serve the narrative above.
Not because it is my edit, but I honestly believe this edit is the best ever that tells the story of the Dark Knight trilogy without having plot wholes or useless characters or complicated idiotic plot twists.
If you are a fan of these movies, then this is a must.
I've put months doing this edit and it took a lot of my time, but the results were worth the time and effort.

PM me for the download link.
Note: the file size is huge approximately 45 Gigabytes.

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  The Deer Hunter (1978) Laserdisc synced to UHD
Posted by: sertoli - 2020-10-27, 04:58 AM - Forum: Released - Replies (2)

Title: The Deer Hunter (1978)
Format/Catalog#: MCA/Universal Home Video [40945]
Synced to: UHD [font="trebuchet ms", trebuchet, arial, verdana]Shout Factory[font="trebuchet ms", trebuchet, arial, verdana] [/font][/font]
Input Soundtrack: 16-bit, 44.1khz, Stereo (bit perfect)
Output Soundtrack: 16-bit, 44.1khz, Stereo
Sourced by: BDgeek / alinskey
Ripped by: alinskey
Synced by: sertoli

Better sound. 

[Image: 03101.jpg]

[Image: 03101_back.jpg]


[Image: 263121_overview.jpg?t=1597308264]

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  "Time compressed" LaserDisc pulldown
Posted by: pipefan413 - 2020-10-26, 02:18 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (6)

I have a fairly simple and specific question, relating to the posts I've quoted below for the sake of context:

How much time compression is actually applied to "time compressed" NTSC LaserDiscs? Is it a set thing, or does it vary depending on how much it needs to be condensed to fit onto a 2-sided CLV disc? As in, PAL speedup is about 4% (with 24 frames per second being sped up to 25 frames per second and then converted to 50 interlaced fields per second); how much faster does a time-compressed NTSC LD player back compared to a standard telecined 60/1001 fields per second NTSC LD? For PAL, I've been using RX to do a 2-step resampling operation to fix the speed very precisely, as follows:

1. Calculate ratio between source media frame rate and intended target frame rate, then translate to audio sample rates to determine how much adjustment is needed:

Film is 24 fps, but my intended delivery frame rate is NTSC 24000/1001 fps, meaning that the ratio between PAL and my delivery format is (24000/1001) : 25 fps
Expressed as a fraction instead that's (24000/1001) / 25

To convert to audio samples, just multiple that ratio by the sample rate. Audio sample rate is whatever it's recorded at, let's say it's 48 kHz, in which case:

(24000/1001) / 25 x 48000 = 46,033.966... (rounded is 46034 Hz)

2. In RX, resample using "change tag only" to calculated sample rate first, which doesn't actually resample the audio as such (as in the samples are not altered, they're just played back at a different rate)

3. Once finished with whatever editing is being done, apply a second resample, but this time actually adjusting the samples themselves (as in, *not* ticking "change tag only") such that the speed is not adjusted but the samples themselves are, at accuracy afforded by RX autoconverting to 32-bit float

4. Dither back to desired delivery bit depth (e.g. 24 or 16)

So, I'd likely be using this same method, but in order to know the amount of adjustment required I'd have to know the precise amount of speedup / time compression / whatever you want to call it.

Context below so you know why I'm asking. Basically, I've got one time-compressed LD on the way and I don't know how much adjustment is correct. I could attempt with trial and error to figure out how much tweaking is needed to line it up, but if anybody actually knows (if it's actually a standard thing rather than a case-by-case adjustment) it would obviously be good to confirm the proper amount of adjustment.

(2020-10-11, 05:21 AM)pipefan413 Wrote: Jeeeeeeesus... finished figuring out the structure of THE EXORCIST resync and I kinda want to dig a big hole and jump into it because, to quote my own AviSynth notes...

pipefan413 Wrote:# 34 + 35 = 69 frames missing at 1st reel change
# 33 + 28 = 61 frames missing at 2nd reel change
# 1 + 8 = 9 frames missing at 1st LD side change
# 12 + 9 = 21 frames missing at 3rd reel change
# 25 + 19 = 44 frames missing at 4th reel change
# 31 + 11 = 42 frames missing at 5th reel change
# 10 frames missing at 2nd (final) LD side change
# 10 + 9 = 19 frames missing at 6th (final) reel change

# Total missing frames:
# 69 + 61 + 9 + 21 + 44 + 42 + 10 + 19 = 275
# 275 / (24000/1001) = 11.470 seconds (!)
# x 48000 = 550,550 samples at 48 kHz


No wonder @The Aluminum Falcon was struggling to make it work well! I dunno how the hell he managed what he did, looking at the sizes of the holes in the LD source. Bloody hell.

We're really talking about gaps that are way too large to bridge with extension crossfades, I think, and there is no alternative source that I know of apart from my other LD copy (which is the first pressing of the same disc, so almost certainly has identical frames). If I were to attempt to patch this, I'd have to create a custom mono downmix from something else, like one of the 5.1 mixes or perhaps preferably a 2.0 track from something else like one of the newer LDs. But even that is kind of a potential s**tshow; it may not be a transparent transition regardless of what I do with it.
(2020-10-11, 07:12 PM)pipefan413 Wrote: The trouble here is that there is actual dialogue and other conspicuous audio lost in these big holes at the reel / side changes. For instance, here is the first reel change:

pw = Pazuzu

If you look closely, you can see Regan's mouth moving before we hear her speak; on the OOP DVDs and other non-mono transfers, she says "Here it comes..." before she then says "... there!", but those frames are missing from the mono transfer. So I can't just leave it silent, it needs a patch over. The other reel changes are generally similar; there's another one at the moment where the bed is chucking her about ("Mother! Make it stop!") and Chris jumps on the bed to try to weigh it down or whatever, which again is a very noisy moment where they're both yelling and screaming and the bed is rattling so I can't just stretch it out or leave it silent or whatever.

So I'm on the hunt for alternative audio sources to patch over the massive holes in the mono track. What I'm thinking is that if I can find another LaserDisc with an older audio source than the modern transfers but hopefully without the missing frames (or at least without *some* of the missing frames), I can downmix the Dolby Surround track to 1.0, duplicate it to dual mono 2.0, and then very carefully patch the gaps as seamlessly as possible. Whilst I will likely record this digitally as well for posterity, I will most likely do the recording in analogue to slightly better match it to the mono, though it won't be as manky as an actual mono audio track as it'll be turning the digital track to analogue output rather than playing back an analogue track which has no noise reduction on it (which is what the mono track is, being pre-CX). I may even take it a step further and take a leaf out of Belbucus' book: record the digital audio, then record it to tape (either audio casette or VHS) and back again, to intentionally introduce tape hiss to better match the actual mono mix.

In other words: this has turned into a significantly bigger job than I expected, which *might* mean I can't get it done before Halloween. But the poll's still open anyway, so I guess Halloween or one of the other options might edge it out regardless!
(2020-10-16, 11:02 PM)pipefan413 Wrote: Now capturing 1993 US fullscreen LaserDisc 1007. Apart from possibly using this as a syncing reference, I may as well sync it to the Blu-ray and the now out of print fullscreen DVD, which I previous said I suspected was sourced from the exact same master (and seeing it now in front of me, I'm pretty sure I was right about that). But I'm very curious to see what this 1996 JP one PILF-2196 looks and sounds like, given that it seemingly makes no reference to Dolby Surround at all (just says it's stereo).

For patching purposes I'm most likely going to use the 48 kHz analogue stereo recordings even though - and indeed, specifically because - they will sound worse than the bit-perfect 44.1 kHz digital captures. I'm hoping this'll help a little with blending to the analogue mono recording, though the 1985 mono one will still sound worse because it's from an older and significantly more beaten-up print source than the much later 1993 disc. As expected, the side changes are in different places, which is of course good news because it means audio will not be missing from the same places.

Summary of THE EXORCIST LaserDiscs I have captured or will capture:

1983, US [1007 LV]
Original time-compressed fullscreen transfer with analogue mono. I anticipate this to be useful for side-changes at best, nothing more (since it's almost certainly from the same source as the two JP analogue mono LDs, and will presumably have the same missing frames in addition to the extra pulldown from time compression)

1985, JP [10JL-1007]
First fullscreen release with analogue mono that wasn't time-compressed (unlike 1983 US release 1007-LV)

1989, JP [NJEL-01007]
"Ever Green" reissue of 10JL-1007

1993, US [1007]
Digitally remastered fullscreen re-release, this time with digital Dolby Surround instead of analogue mono, I believe most likely sourced from the 1979 theatrical re-release's 35 mm Dolby Stereo track. I believe the video is functionally identical to or at least sourced from the same master as the fullscreen transfer on one side of the now out of print double-sided 1997 US DVD.

1996, JP [PILF-2196]
Digitally remastered widescreen re-release, which curiously only lists the audio as "stereo" and makes no mention whatsoever of Dolby Surround / Pro Logic. I'm wonder if it's a unique mix, strange as that would be, and if it is plain old stereo rather than Dolby matrixed it's most likely a better patching source for the analogue mono than the Dolby Surround track.

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  Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) - Remastered Theatrical Trailer
Posted by: bendermac - 2020-10-25, 10:19 PM - Forum: Released - No Replies

I used a 35mm scan of the trailer, provided by FT Depot, to restore the trailer.
Unfortunately 3 shots are not in the final movie. Since there are no alternate
shots to choose from, I used the scenes from source trailer.

Anyway... Enjoy Smile

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  DTS capture issues (converting from WAV to DTS)
Posted by: alinskey - 2020-10-25, 03:24 PM - Forum: Converting, encoding, authoring - Replies (6)

Hey everyone! I'm having a simply frustrating time trying to capture DTS from my LDs.

I followed Bronan's bit-perfect Test and was able to capture the DTS CD to WAV which then was successfully converted to DTS in DTS Parser. I've done this in BOTH of my LD players that have a digital out. I should be "bit-perfect" then.

The problem is that I have not been able to successfully convert any DTS LDs I've captured in WAV to DTS files. I capture the disc and the WAV is able to be played back in Foobar (with a plug-in that pulls the 5.1 DTS sound out of the 2-channel WAV). The problem comes when trying to convert that WAV into a DTS file.

DTS Parser converts the WAV but seems to speed up the file in some way. The resulting DTS file plays at about 2x speed. Even though it was fed a 44.1/16 bit WAV, in the info, it claims the bitrate is TWICE what it should be and that the DTS file is 32 bits. I've had this issue with multiple players and multiple discs.

I'm currently using Reaper to record my audio. Has anyone had success capturing DTS using this and outputting perfect DTS files? Otherwise, I'm definitely open to suggestions on why my players and capture device are "bit-perfect", can capture a DTS CD but CAN'T seem to accurately capture a DTS LD.

If this should be in a different forum, please move it. While it IS about capturing, I think that the converting may be the issue.

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  Raw Deal (1986) - Remastered Trailer
Posted by: bendermac - 2020-10-25, 11:12 AM - Forum: Released - No Replies

The trailer on home video is in really bad shape, so another remastered had to be done. I wasn't the first to do this for this movie. But the other creater didn't do a proper job. Wrong framerate, graphics didn't match to how it should been. So here we go again with my take on the matter.

I tried to re-create the trailer as close as possible. Decide for yourself if I succeed  Tongue

Here is the trailer from other user. At least I think he made it because it's the oldest version I've found on Youtube

And for shits and giggles, the original untouched trailer, to give you a real comparison.

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  Hey everybody!
Posted by: clunesy - 2020-10-24, 08:59 PM - Forum: Presentation - Replies (2)

I'm in the editing business, working for a major software manufacturer. I got interested in the 4k77 restoration, and found my way here after I realised the issues with the Exorcist BluRay. 

Looking forward to helping how I can, and checking out some of your fine work.

I don't know if this is breaking a fight club rule, apologies if so - 
There doesn't seem to be anything in the rules and etiquette about accessing member's projects in general, is it common practice to send a pm to the restorer themselves?



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  Back to the Future Trilogy 4K Laserdisc PCM Syncs
Posted by: crampedmisfit1990 - 2020-10-24, 11:02 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (1)

I was wondering if anyone has the 3 BTTF LD PCM (bit perfect) tracks at least synced to the older BDs? I was waiting for someone to sync these tracks to the new 4K releases but haven't heard anything as of yet. The new transfers look gorgeous and a hell of a step up from the BDs from years ago and I really wanted to watch the 4K versions with the original stereo tracks. Thanx.

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  Hulk Workprint
Posted by: Kbrown20 - 2020-10-24, 03:10 AM - Forum: Official and unofficial releases - No Replies

Does anybody else have the Hulk Workprint?

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  A Clockwork Orange (1971) DVD Mono synced to Blu-ray
Posted by: sertoli - 2020-10-23, 02:46 AM - Forum: Released - Replies (4)

A Clockwork Orange (1971) DVD Mono synced to Blu-ray
DVD R1 Mono

I made a new sync of this audio.
Excellent sync.

More info:


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