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  BD Authoring Software
Posted by: FrankT - Yesterday, 08:24 PM - Forum: Converting, encoding, authoring - No Replies

What's the best software to make Blu-ray discs with menus and stuff in?

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  Power amp to sound card
Posted by: springfeel - 2018-11-13, 09:11 PM - Forum: General technical discussions - Replies (1)

plz delete

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  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - telecine regrade
Posted by: spoRv - 2018-11-13, 01:25 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (9)

I always felt HP3 was kinda... "wrong"... then, when I had the chance to get the telecine version, presto! And so, as suspected, its colors was really better - far from perfect, due to the bad quality and process used to capture it, still very similar to trailers, and... "right"! Big Grin

And, because "a picture is worth a thousand words", without much further ado, here you can see an example:

[Image: HP3-regraded-as-TC-090932.jpg]

Oh, how much I prefer the regrade, and you?

BD Vs telecine:

BD Vs BD regraded as telecine:

Note: even if there is no open matte version around (AFAIK, but, please, prove me wrong!), it's possible to get an UAR version with very tiny slices of image on top and bottom, thanks to open matte pan&scan WEB version; also, in at least one shot, telecine has a bit more image on a side - dunno if/how can I get it right, but I wanted to let you know.

I have managed to find out a regrade setting (without using another source as a reference) similar to this one, and applied to HP6, and results are quite nice (if there is some interest, it will be matter for a new thread).

Now, questions are: do you like this telecine-based regraded? And, if so, which other episodes need to be eventually regraded, using similar settings (read: snow, clouds, fog should be white-ish and not green blah blah blah)

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  Tom and Jerry: The CinemaScope Years
Posted by: FrankT - 2018-11-12, 11:28 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - No Replies

Following on from my Tom and Jerry isolated scores idea, I thought I should like to make a Blu-ray of all the CinemaScope Tom and Jerry cartoons, with options for stereo and isolated soundtracks where available. The reason is simple: because I never got a copy of the cartoons with the complete picture - all I had was the Complete Classic Collection DVDs in which all the CS cartoons were cropped, and all unrestored, some of them censored. Also it doesn't have "Busy Buddies". Sad To my knowledge, few other releases apart from the Spotlight Collection have these shorts in their original format.

If the WB Kids YouTube is anything to go by, Digital HD versions of these shorts exist somewhere, but I haven't been able to find them. It may be that I have to use HDTV recordings for this, if indeed there are any. I should consider upscaling as a last resort only.

Most of these shorts have Perspecta Stereo soundtracks - does anyone know if these are preserved?

There was a brief spin-off toward the end of the MGM cartoon studio's existence, Spike and Tyke - I'd like to have these preserved if possible.

What I'd like is to have options for almost all of the CS shorts. Any help on these would be most appreciated.

a: Produced simultaneously in both the standard Academy format and in CinemaScope
i: Isolated score available
r: Remake of a previous cartoon; comparison video?
s: Perspecta Stereo

  • Pet Peeve (a)
  • Touché, Pussy Cat! (a, i)
  • Southbound Duckling (a)
  • Pup on a Picnic (a)
  • That's My Mommy (i)
  • The Flying Sorceress
  • The Egg and Jerry (r)
  • Busy Buddies (i)
  • Muscle Beach
  • Down Beat Bear (i)
  • Blue Cat Blues (i)
  • Barbecue Brawl (i, s)
  • Tops with Pops (r, s)
  • Timid Tabby (s)
  • Feedin' the Kiddie (r, s)
  • Mucho Mouse (s)
  • Tom's Photo Finish (i, s)
  • Happy Go Ducky (i, s)
  • Royal Cat Nap (s)
  • The Vanishing Duck (s)
  • Robin Hoodwinked (s)
  • Tot Watchers (i, s)

Plus the two Spike and Tyke shorts:
  • Give and Tyke (i)
  • Scat Cats (i, s)

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Big Grin Die Hard - 35mm in Theaters!
Posted by: nafroe - 2018-11-12, 03:29 AM - Forum: Everything else... - Replies (3)

Hello all!

I'm suuuuuuuper beyond ridiculously excited to say that very local to me, there will be a 35mm projected print of Die Hard just after Christmas! Saw this last year in theaters (digital projection) but this has me waiting impatiently for that date to come!

So... keep an eye out... there may be an 35mm print of this film coming to your neck of the woods!

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  Which PC to chose?
Posted by: Beber - 2018-11-11, 02:13 PM - Forum: Everything else... - Replies (18)

Hi, guys.

I'm considering to buy a new PC, and I'm looking at these 2 :


The idea is to replace my, what, 7 year-old PC (https://www.darty.com/nav/achat/informat...0-195.html). It's basically for encoding HD videos, from Blu-ray and UHD to HD conversion, so I'm looking for faster encoding than what I have now. I also have that one, more recent (https://www.darty.com/nav/achat/informat...c-780.html), which is apparently faster than my old i5 even though it is an i3 only.
So I'm seeking for advice to chose between these two i7 above. Which one has the better processor, the better RAM, the better graphics, etc.? I'm not a project maker, but with a new PC, I'm considering to give another shot at Davinci Resolve. That's not the criteria, just something in the back of my mind. It's mostly for encoding purposes, I'm not a gamer at all. I have so many external hard drives that the more USB connexions the better. Fot that last criteria I can see which one has the upper hand for myself, but I have no knowledge in processors quality and frequency, combined with Nvidia or Intel for graphics, DDR4 RAM, etc.

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  in a web site about open matte...
Posted by: spoRv - 2018-11-11, 01:11 PM - Forum: Movies, TV shows and other - Replies (10)

...what do you want to see included?

I mean: a forum? Articles with explanations of open matte and other aspect ratios? Screenshot comparisons? [fill the blanket]?

SHOOT! Happy

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  Terminator Regrade (UK Virgin VHS and 35mm Frames)
Posted by: PDB - 2018-11-09, 06:16 PM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (28)

Ok this is in the proposal stage since I want to hear some thoughts about what to include with this project.

Long story short, Zoidberg made a cap of his UK Virgin VHS tape of T1. He said it was clearly from a release print since it had reel change markers. Now that doesn't mean that it is color accurate to a release print but it could be. So I compared it to the dozens and dozens of 35mm pics that Tservo and I had gathered over the years and the tape matches the 35mm frames very closely. I'd say they match some 90 to 95% of the time. That would make Zoidberg's tape the closest media to a release print that I have ever seen. The tape is still very, very green but unlike the current BD, brings back a lot of those Cameron blues.

So of course I had to put this in the queue as a project.

The big question for me is what should I include on the audio side. I want to askew the 5.1 remix as it is terrible. So that would mean going with the mono soundtracks. With that in mind, here is the current list of ideas I have:

Tentative audio list

1. Laserdisc Mono (DTS-HD Master Audio, 2.0 channels, 24 bits, 48kHz)

This is the old track that I believe is bendermac's LD and capped/synced/encoded by zeropc, jj666, Chewtobacca

2. Chace Fake Stereo also from LD

This is the "fake stereo" track that Stamper mentioned, MrBrown ripped and JerryShadoe synced. It's not really stereo according to Jerry's notes but the mixing does differ from 1 and 2 on this list.

3. MGM DVD Mono (AC-3 2.0)

crissrudd4554 points out that even though this is mono like the LD track, some of the sounds and mixing differ.

4. Image DVD Mono (AC-3 2.1)

MrBrown points out this is an unique mix, different from the others on this list.

5. 2.1 Remix (Mono + .1)

This is the mono in two channel plus the sub channel from the 5.1 that appeared years ago on tehparadox. I forget who's work it was and who should be credited.

6. German Mono 2.0

7. French Mono 2.0

8. Italian Mono 2.0

And that's it unless someone can think of anything else to add?

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  Is there any way to play AC-3 on a PC without DRC?
Posted by: TomArrow - 2018-11-09, 04:28 PM - Forum: General technical discussions - Replies (15)

I usually prefer lossless audio so I didn't notice yet, but I did a few experiments on Mission Impossible: Fallout and was surprised how jarring the difference was.

What I tried was MPC-HC and VLC. I included both the original AC-3 track and a FLAC track, which is just the AC-3 track converted with ffmpeg with the "drc_scale 0.0000000" option.

In MPC-HC they both sound pretty underwhelming, not sure why.

In VLC, the FLAC track sounds very noticeably better.

And don't take my word for it, here is proof that I'm not imagining it (just recorded the playing audio via Audacity):
[Image: qKHzTvv.png]

In VLC, I disabled DRC in the A/52 codec settings (A/52 is a synonym for AC-3 afaik) and also normalization in general. Logically both outputs should have been identical, but they were not, as you can see. The dialogue seems about the same in volume, but the gunshots afterwards are very clearly attenuated while playing the AC-3 version. In fact, as you can tell, the second gunshot should actually be even louder, but in the AC-3 version it's quieter than the first one!

As a result the AC-3 sounds very boring while the FLAC sounds very exciting and dynamic. Really makes quite the difference.

Just to clarify, in MPC-HC I also disabled all normalization and AC-3 DRC options I know of.

So all in all, I don't currently see any good way to properly play AC-3 on a computer without transcoding it by hand. Of course this is no justification to distribute bloated FLACs instead of the raw AC-3, but it does create a real problem at least for playback purposes.

How do you guys deal with this? Do you all have Dolby Decoders and use bitstreaming or play directly via Blu Ray players? And if so, how do you know your players aren't doing the same thing?

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  John Carpenter and the lamp
Posted by: spoRv - 2018-11-09, 11:18 AM - Forum: Everything else... - Replies (1)


John Carpenter should actually love this lamp! I have seem it on Big Trouble in Little China and Halloween for sure, almost surely on Escape from New , and probably on The Thing...

Anyone noted it on other movies

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