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  Alleycat’s Project List
Posted by: alleycat - 5 hours ago - Forum: Official and unofficial releases - No Replies

Thought I would make a thread with a list of the projects I have done. 
I appreciate in a streaming world there are people who don’t want to watch physical media, but as a huge supporter of it I want all of my projects on disc. Having invested in professional blu ray menu creation software, and spent a lot of time learning the sometimes complicated art of java blu ray menu design, all of my projects will be released as blu ray files. Also, with the help of a friend, with professional looking covers, booklets and disc art.
With most of these projects I received help and guidance from several fanres members, such as capturing LD audio for me or giving general advice and assistance - so a massive thanks to you all.
Criterion Preservations

[Image: LNFgkZh.jpg]

Every collector knows the name Criterion, but a lot of their most memorable titles have not been reissued on blu ray. The collection is an attempt to preserve some of their past titles, most of which were only released on laserdisc. At the start I set myself some rules, the discs have to include any commentary and the same type of audio (e.g. mono) ideally uncompressed from the LD where possible. They also have to contain every special feature from the LD/DVD and have a menu that looks identical to an official criterion blu ray menu.
This in itself was a challenge as the criterion menus contain animation, and depending on the number of chapters involved it required an average of 100 menus working behind the schemes to make it look right. I even took screenshots from the official discs and rebuilt each part, with the same colours, fonts and font sizes etc.
The list so far:
Blood For Dracula
Flesh For Frankenstein
Boyz N The Hood
Dead Presidents
Menace II Society (In Progress)
Jason And The Argonauts (In Progress)
Dr No
From Russia With Love
The Adventures Of Robin Hood (In Progress)
Robocop (In Progress)
Crash (In Progress)
Non Criterion Preservations

This is a collection of certain releases that appealed to me, each containing some special property that isn’t available on an official blu ray release.

Bad Lieutenant Uncut Audio
Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Volume 3
Friday the 13th Part 3 3D
Hateful Eight Extended Miniseries
Ticker Ultimate Edition
Stephen King’s The Stand Laserdisc Audio (In Progress)
The Hidden Lumivision Laserdisc (In Progress)
Mortal Kombat Commentary (In Progress)
Above The Law aka Righting Wrongs Ultimate Edition (In Progress)
The Day After Commentary (In Progress)

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  Project List?
Posted by: alleycat - 11 hours ago - Forum: Bug reports and suggestions - Replies (7)

I think it would be great to have a project list section on the site, where members can list all the projects they have done so far and have links to each of them. From what I can see the only way to do this currently is to have an external site and put a link to it in your signature?

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  Jurassic Park LD DTS & PCM synced to 35mm
Posted by: marin888 - Today, 12:59 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (4)

Jurassic Park LD DTS & PCM synced to 35mm

Jurassic Park [ruLes 1.0] by spoRv

Video sources: analog video captured directly from Laserdiscs.

Audio sources: uncompressed PCM and DTS soundtracks captured directly from Laserdiscs.


BD Audio tracks:

    english soundtrack from U.S. NTSC DTS THX laserdisc, DTS 5.1 Digital Surround converted to 1536kbps 48KHz

    english soundtrack from U.K. PAL laserdisc, PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround Encoded converted to 1536kbps 48KHz


    italian soundtrack from italian PAL laserdisc, PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround Encoded converted to 1536kbps 48KHz

    french soundtrack from french PAL laserdisc, PCM 2.0  Dolby Surround Encoded converted to 1536kbps 48KHz

Maybe someone can sync...

Jurassic Park 1993 35mm 1080p Cinema DTS v2.0

This release is NOT synchronized to official Blu-ray. To use other audio tracks, or subtitles with this release, you will have to synchronize them.

[Image: jXnS9Y1.png]


MUSE Hi-Vision sample. Analogue HD!


Quote:zoidberg Wrote:
I was able to download from Dropbox, I've remuxed the .m4v file into an mkv container. 2.42GB

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  our member's blogs/sites
Posted by: spoRv - 2020-03-26, 01:10 PM - Forum: Everything else... - No Replies

I want to compile a list of blogs and sites, movie related, written by our own members.


Probably no non-Italian speaker could be interested, but I want to note that this blog is simply superb!

Thanks Evit for your amusing job!


After screenshotcomparison.com is dead, this is the only reliable site where to post our screenshots!

You save us all, Williarob!


A blog about difference in sounds of movies released in blu-ray.

Great insights, Moshrom!

Pretty sure there are more, so let's post them - I'll update the first post with new entries!

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  The Thing (1982) - chess fix
Posted by: spoRv - 2020-03-25, 10:56 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - No Replies

The Thing has, as almost all movies, some mistakes, bloopers etc. and many could pass unnoticed, but the shots with computer chess can't... the second could be fixed moving the black queen IIRC, but the first has pieces in completely different positions; it should be replaced with the second shot, just placing the few needed pieces in properly positions.

Anyone want to dare to fix this? Big Grin

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  That 70s Show - original FOX airings
Posted by: LunaRacc - 2020-03-23, 11:22 PM - Forum: Movies, TV shows and other - No Replies

I'm in need of searching for the original FOX run of That 70s Show. I already managed to find about 2/3rds of the show but I'm still missing a chunk of the episodes. The reason being is because they feature music not in current home video and syndication airings and I want to preserve the original versions of the episodes. As of now I'm missing episodes 12-18 of season 1, all of season 2, and a single episode of season 3. If anyone possibly can tell me where to find the rest, please let me know.

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  hi there
Posted by: LunaRacc - 2020-03-23, 11:19 PM - Forum: Presentation - Replies (1)

Hey I'm Luna, I'm a film/TV preservationist who always loves to chat about that stuff. If you wanna talk to me just give me a PM.

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  The Matrix Cinema DTS synced to UHD
Posted by: bendermac - 2020-03-23, 10:26 PM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (5)

To anyone who has the C-DTS for The Matrix

Is there any chance to get it synced to the UHD BD?

Side question: How does the C-DTS compare to the True-HD 5.1 from the first BD?

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  The Matrix 35mm Regrade?
Posted by: marin888 - 2020-03-22, 03:58 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (13)

2.0 was a total botch job.
Insane contrast - so much detail missing.
There are many scenes that are still too yellow.
Some scenes just look so weird that I distrust the whole thing.

The person who did the scan had this to say about the print:
“I think many people will be surprised that their memory of the film doesn't match what is actually was in the cinema, it had a very blown-out, almost bleach bypass look in many scenes, with white burned out skies and a high contrast look.”

High contrast look - this don't mean that contrast must be pumped that much to insanity?

Screenshots V2

Maybe someone can fix it...
35mm V2 is released for Christmas 2015.
I think it would be sacrilege to leave it in this shape.
And of course to leave All scratches, dirt, and other damage in.

Original 1999 35mm print projection [No Green Tint!]

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  Bullet in the head dvd help
Posted by: MeanjohnRambo - 2020-03-21, 04:21 PM - Forum: Movies, TV shows and other - Replies (6)

I'm trying to find the most complete version of Bullet in the head with english subtitles. The dvd I have is only about 125 mintues long. Which release is the most complete and where can I find it? Also is the Fortune Star Blu-Ray any good?

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