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Video [In Progress] Harry Potter: Ultimate Definitive Editions
Posted by: Klexos - 2020-12-22, 12:32 PM - Forum: In progress - Replies (12)

[Image: 7I8XuOB.png]
Hello everyone,
I am working on a definitive version for the HP movies.
And by this I mean overlaying Open Matte DVD with Open Matte AMZN/WEB and the 4K Blu-Ray for maximum picture display and resolution.

I recently just finished upscaling the Open Matte DVD through A. I. so it can blend more seamelessly with the HD sources and am currently in the process of overlaying this with the 16:9 Open Matte to achieve a "Super Open Matte" version which I will then overlay with the Widescreen version.

Below "Super Open Matte" Samples:
[Image: New_Text_Document.avs_snapshot_01.23.03.412.png][Image: New_Text_Document.avs_snapshot_00.26.14.196.png]

I also want to restore all the deleted scenes to achieve extended editions for all movies (Which I will source and upscale as well from the Blu-Rays which I own) and also achieve Maximum Picture for these as well by overlaying them with the Freeform+SyFy Extended copies.

I made a spreadsheet for the material that will be used for the project as well:

And last but not least here's a sample screenshot rendered at 1080p (final render will be 4K) as a POC of what the final thing should look like:
https://imgsli.com/MzQ1NjI/0/2 (almost 50% more picture)
Also, visual chart version:

Steps (Movie 1):

  • A. I. Upscale Theatrical Open Matte DVD [COMPLETE]
  • AutoOverlay Open Matte DVD + Open Matte WEB-DL (Theatrical) = "Super Open Matte" (Theatrical) [IN PROGRESS]
  • Color Match Each Scene with LUTs from 4K version to Super Open Matte version 
  • AutoOverlay Super Open Matte (Theatrical) + 4K Blu-Ray (Theatrical) = Definitive Theatrical Complete
  • A. I. Upscale Blu-Ray & Freeform Extended/Deleted Scenes
  • AutoOverlay Blu-Ray Extended/Deleted Scenes + Open Matte Freeform (Extended) = Max quality+picture for extended scenes
  • Edit the resulting extra scenes into the Definitive Theatrical version = Definitive Extended Complete

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  Is the LotR 4K remaster a failure?
Posted by: TomArrow - 2020-12-21, 02:19 AM - Forum: Official and unofficial releases - Replies (46)

Was talking about this with @LucasGodzilla recently. Interested to hear your thoughts as well.

Firstly, to set the mood, let me present this: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?a=1&x=468...&i=16&go=1

This hideous monstrosity is luckily not representative of the general look of the 4K, but it is generally not very impressive in terms of image quality in my opinion. Just click on any other frame in that comparison.

Criterion 1: Sharpness / Image Quality

Some seem to be a very slight improvement in improvement at best, or about the same at worst:

Others (I presume VFX shots) seem to look pretty much exactly the same:

In others you can painfully see the DNR and EE (?) or whatever processing that was applied, and the UHD ends up looking markedly worse than the Blu Ray:

Interestingly, despite the DNR, a bit of grain seems visible. And weirdly, it doesn't seem as sharp as you'd expect from an actual 4K OCN Scan. I honestly have my doubts that this was an actual rescan, but I could be wrong.

Criterion 2: HDR

I watched a part on my HDR-capable display via madVR passthrough via MPC-HC. The display correctly switched to HDR mode.

Now, some parts really do seem to profit from the HDR. But others ... I don't have pictures to demonstrate this, but for example in the intro sequence with the battle between the alliance against Sauron and his Orcs, it's obviously a VFX sequence and it looks like they just took the highlights and made them superbright, resulting in a weird look where the helmets (with shiny reflections) are ultra bright, and the rest of the image looks kinda muddy grey in contrast. Very weird unnatural look in my opinion.

Criterion 3: Grading

Plus: No more green tint.


They tried too hard to give it a new look, specifically it looks like they went for a kind of bleach bypass look with lowered saturation but stronger contrast. Personally I think it works for the grimmer or battle scenes, but looks totally out of place with innocuous scenes like in the Shire or at Rivendell. It also is done in a weird way where, while there are solid blacks, there seems to be a quick transition from strong blacks to what seems like more lower mid-tones. Like the gamma was boosted too much and as a result there are no nice solid dark areas in places like in the Shire.

For example look at the bushes here: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?a=1&x=489...0&i=2&go=1

In the old grading there is a kind of natural transition from the shadows in the bushes to the brighter areas. In the new one, there is black, and then immediately it jumps up to midtone-ish. It looks very garish/aggressive to my eyes.

Relating to the desaturated look and the Shire, look at the same image with the bushes. Notice how all the greens look ugly and desaturated, not like actual foliage. This isn't some kind of horror-y creepy scene, it's a happy scene, the greens should be lush and deep. Now, I know I'm only linking the caps-a-holic that's tonemapped, but it does actually look like this to me on a HDR display too, that is in fact where I noticed it first. I thought something was set up wrong on my display, wrong gamma or something, but my display doesn't actually offer gamma settings in HDR mode and reviews say that my display's HDR mode is pretty accurate, so I doubt that's the issue.

Overall not a fan of this at all.

Criterion 4: The sound

This is what truly kills it for me, in a negative sense. The remix sounds absolutely atrocious to my ears. The LFE is so f***king loud I had to turn it (my subwoofer) down to half the normal loudness and it still sounds overwhelming and out of place. And it tends to go from nothing to extreme bass swooshes and then back to nothing. There is no natural harmony to it at all, it sounds like all the sounds were just layered but no attention was paid to making it work in the mix. I find it impossible to watch the movie like this. Also, if I put the volume up to something that helps me understand dialogue, the LFE becomes so incredibly loud at times I'm afraid my neighbors would call the police. I get that LFE can get loud in action scenes, but this is just over the top and doesn't harmonize with the mix in any way.


Overall I'm rather disappointed with this remaster. The HDR aspect (no clipped highlights!) aside, I see very little that redeems it. I'd like to conclude my scathing review with once again linking this screenshot comparison without further comment: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?a=1&x=468...&i=16&go=1

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  Superman 2 fan edits
Posted by: lionmane - 2020-12-18, 09:07 PM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (1)

I was looking for fan edits of Superman 2.  I've seen the Ultimate Cut and Booshman's edits.  Are there any more good ones?  I enjoyed all three of the ones I've mentioned.  The International Cut had footage I had never seen (re-shoots of the same scenes.)  Are there any more that are as good as these?

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  Demonstrating why "restored" mono sounds awful, feat. THE SWORD IN THE STONE (1963)
Posted by: pipefan413 - 2020-12-17, 01:21 AM - Forum: In progress - Replies (20)

I just captured my (hitherto sealed and pristine) copy of THE SWORD IN THE STONE to check the audio out. And I'm sort of equally horrified and thrilled that it's an excellent demonstration of how distributors make a complete mess of "restoring" mono soundtracks on home video presentations because they presumably think people are all stupid and will complain about tape hiss if they don't remove it, even though removing it completely destroys the sound overall. Consider this my incredibly simplistic attempt at @Moshrom's schtick.

Firstly, the packaging is wrong. This is the second time today I've had a LaserDisc sleeve lie to me. Earlier on I captured my letterboxed widescreen edition of LES MISÉRABLES: THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT, only to find that despite the sleeve proudly proclaiming that it contains the "original 16:9 high definition aspect ratio", it's actually heavily cropped 4:3 which means it's identical to the 4:3 copy I already captured. Now, I see this sticker on THE SWORD IN THE STONE...

Quote:Available for the first time on home video: Walt Disney's original mono soundtrack mix on the analog channels.

Enhanced stereo soundtrack mix located on the digital tracks.

... but when I capture it, this is immediately proven false. What it actually contains is two different versions of the mono soundtrack, one on analogue and digital left,  and one on analogue and digital right.  And holy crap, what a difference there is between them.

The left channel sounds pretty fantastic, plenty of magnetic tape his left in and the frequency response is fairly balanced. The right channel on the other hand has clearly had a very ham-fisted "restoration" job to remove all the tape hiss and general analogue noise, which makes it sound absolutely atrocious. Y'know, the old clock radio syndrome: somehow managing to sound muffled and too thin/brittle at the same time. So remarkably obvious is this difference in quality that somebody's commented on the LDDB page that the *right* channel is the original mono, presumably assuming that it must be the older/unrestored version because it sounds absolutely awful next to the much better left channel, thus the better sounding one *has* to be the "restored" version. But no, this is just what happens with mono soundtracks that have audible tape hiss.

Check this s**t out:

[Image: thesw-ordinthestone-monocomparison-side1.png]
[Image: theswordinthestone-monocomparison-side1-L.png]
[Image: theswordinthestone-monocomparison-side1-R.png]

To demonstrate what I mean about how bad this sounds, here's a quick back-and-forth sample of the start and then an early dialogue scene. One version is kept in the channels they're in on the LaserDisc (so panned to left and right, I've just muted one channel or the other in an alternating pattern) and the other is centre-panned as 1-channel mono.

2ch (L/R panned as stored on LaserDisc):

1ch (mixed down / centre panned):

pw =

The right channel, as you can hear, is extremely muffled whilst also sounding very thin, as if it's being played through a tiny speaker (think clock radio / Game Boy) with a cloth draped over it or something. This is the sound of mono soundtracks in 2020, thanks to Criterion et al. It's really sad.

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  Green flashing in my video
Posted by: lionmane - 2020-12-16, 08:37 PM - Forum: General technical discussions - Replies (3)

I'm having a problem with an iso file while attempting to read it with VLC media player.  The entire screen (within the video) flashes green like a strobe light.  This problem only occurs with random files every once in a while, but it occurs reliably every time I attempt to play the "affected" file.  I have another iso file that works fine, for instance.  Windows 7.

I haven't attempted any troubleshooting because I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Can someone help me figure out what's happening, please?


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  John Woo's The Killer - Looking For Some Help...
Posted by: jrodefeld - 2020-12-15, 11:43 PM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (6)

I'm working on a new custom project for John Woo's The Killer.  I'm very nearly finished, but I am looking for a couple of DVDs.

I'm looking for the Scanbox DVD of The Killer and also the Fox Lorber DVD.

I know a couple of members of this forum have the Scanbox DVD.  In fact, somebody on here actually sent me a link to it a while ago.  Unfortunately, it somehow got deleted before I had a chance to use it.  I'm hoping someone could upload it again for me.  Dropbox or MEGA are preferable, but any cloud service is fine as long as I can download the files okay.

The Scanbox DVD is probably the best looking of the DVDs, but I'm not intending to use the video.  I'm using the Dragon Dynasty Blu-ray as the basis for my custom.  However, I recall the Cantonese audio on the Scanbox DVD sounding excellent and I want to compare it with the audio tracks I already have.

For the Fox Lorber DVD, I believe it has an alternate commentary with John Woo that is different from the one on the Criterion DVD.  I'm not positive of this, but I believe it is the case.

Also, I'm interested in the subtitles on that DVD.  I believe in that translation Chow Yun-Fat and Danny Lee's characters refer to each other as "Dumbo" and "Mickey Mouse".  A few people have requested that my custom include this particular translation as an option.

If I had to pick between the two, I'd say the Scanbox DVD is more important simply for the fact that it would be very expensive to import, shipping times would be very long, etc.  I can get the Fox Lorber DVD on Ebay really cheap.  Still, I wanted to put it out here first to see if anyone has it.

I'm happy to send a copy of the completed custom to anyone who helps out.  I also have a number of other customs I've done that I'd be willing to trade.


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  Amadeus (1984)
Posted by: lionmane - 2020-12-15, 07:54 AM - Forum: Official and unofficial releases - Replies (4)

I originally saw Amadeus a long time ago on VHS.  Most people might consider it boring, but I enjoyed it a lot.  And then I read a review on the Director's Cut.  The reviewer enjoyed the Director's Cut, but had a tiny problem with it: the reveal that Amadeus had had sex with Katerina.

In the original version, Antonio discovers that Amadeus had sex with Katerina when Constanze is introduced and Mozart smiles and laughs uncomfortably while looking at Katerina.  In the Director's Cut, Antonio only realizes it later when he goes to Katerina's dressing room.  The reviewer alleges that there's a greater "emotional impact" in the original version when Antonio realizes the affair sooner instead of waiting until the dressing room scene.  I thought this, too.  Unfortunately, I can't find the review anymore...

Has anyone done a fan cut of Amadeus?

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Posted by: lionmane - 2020-12-15, 06:54 AM - Forum: Presentation - No Replies

Hi!  I enjoy fan stuff!

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  Hello from paris
Posted by: Koltesian - 2020-12-14, 03:51 AM - Forum: Presentation - Replies (4)

Bonjours guys,
I'm an illustrator and I've I've been collecting dvds and blu from all over the world since forever but you can't always get the best release from the studios thank god for the fans out there who make these special gems.

While being on lockdown i moved and looked back at my restoration blu discs , some were lost, other needed to be actually burned as they were on my hd and wondered what was out there these days.

I discovered this forum while checking Sporv work (i have EFNY somewhere i think) and tracking down his saving private 'avp requiem '' release and I'm so glad to have find this place.

I used to be on cinemagueddon, cinematik, myspleen, asiandvdclub, BithQ but some disappeared, crashed and i also got away for a while so I'm trying to find my way back in.
So if you have any invites please don't be shy lol

I helped by sharing mostly remastered anime releases that were available in france like venus wars, or some sources like MOONTRAP or hashire melos from the LD.
Basically if I can help by providing sources I'd be really glad to.
I don't hit and run i wanna give back.

I have a lot of anime rareties, r2j blu with english subs, some team blu releases (terminator, conan, NOTLD saving awesome version) some are still on my hd lol i saw recently.

So i would really like to get back Into the game, maybe resharing what i have or help seeding especially since now i have a very high speed connection.

One of my project is to do a rework of southland tales the cannes cut from the hdtv.
Wonder if anybody would be interested.
It would be a learning curve for me.

Thanks again guys for all your work and long live the passion.

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  The films of Wong Kar Wai - original mixes
Posted by: NeonBible - 2020-12-13, 08:18 PM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (3)

So the new WKW set has been announced by Criterion and they will contain new revisionist versions. Ok fair enough he can do what he wants with his movies but pretty disappointed the original cuts won't be available alongside. Smells of George Lucas!

I'm looking to gather the original mixes of his movies. LaserDisc where possible, but old DVDs or even VCDs would be of interest to me.

Can anyone help?

Looking for these...

As Tears Go By - Cantonese mono
Days of Being Wild - Cantonese mono
Ashes of Time (theatrical cut) - Cantonese mono
Fallen Angels - Cantonese mono
Happy Together - Cantonese mono

Does anyone have the R2 JP Pony Canyon DVD of Ashes of Time? Supposedly looks pretty decent but I can't find any screencaps or info about it. OOP I believe.

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