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  The Spy Who Came in From the Cold DVD Audio Sync
Posted by: ac3 - 2020-10-07, 04:50 AM - Forum: Released - No Replies

Paramount r1 DVD synced to criterion bluray.
don't know if it sounds better but its the original mix
the bluray is remixed in stereo
PM for link.

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  The Elephant Man DVD R2 2.0 audio synced to UHD
Posted by: sertoli - 2020-10-07, 04:22 AM - Forum: Released - Replies (6)

The Elephant Man DVD R2 2.0 audio synced to UHD 4k Studio Canal.

More noise. More details.

Does this audio file appear to be Mono? I'm not sure. But it is the best audio I have found. Perhaps Laserdisc is better.

Criterion's Blu-ray audio is similar to UHD. It looks very muffled, a lot of filtered noise.

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  Twin Dragons (1992) desaturation and colour correction
Posted by: Serums - 2020-10-06, 11:47 AM - Forum: In progress - Replies (6)


You all might have seen my thread requesting LD audio for this one (if anyone has it), so I thought I'd post about the project as a whole.

This one is a collaboration with a few friends of mine. A relatively simple* project being done to fix the colours of the available uncut HD print (corresponding to the HK version) and add some good audio and English subtitles to it.

Here are the tentative specs.

Video - German blu-ray print. It features a heavier level of saturation than the Japanese blu-ray, but otherwise they use the same print. The German blu-ray is higher bitrate so the choice was made to use that one.

Audio - We're currently looking for sources of Cantonese mono sources for the Hong Kong print to consider. It will also feature the Cantonese track from the Japanese print (some music cues are different/differently ordered), the classic English dub, and a hybrid of the Miramax and classic dubs. The German BD does feature a 2.0 track but consensus is that it might be a downmix so we're hoping to compare it with others. 

Subtitles: based on those found on the Joy Sales DVD, which mightn't need much changing as that release actually featured a new translation (as opposed to others in that series that reused subtitles from other releases or just Google translated them).

WIP screenshots coming soon.

*'relative' because while we've spotted the saturation and will be able to fix it, the level differs from scene to scene. Some scenes look like this:

[Image: LY7yQwH.jpg]

while some look like this:
[Image: dIs3mL4.jpg]

Other than that, colours do seem mostly okay.

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  Howards End (1992) DVD R2 2.0 surround audio synced to German UHD 4k
Posted by: sertoli - 2020-10-06, 02:18 AM - Forum: Released - No Replies

Howards End (1992) DVD R2 2.0 surround audio synced to German UHD 4k.

R2 United Kingdom - Odyssey Video
English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround converted to PCM (FLAC)

Better bass.
Better sound.

PM to link.

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  Pather Panchali (1955) DVD R2 Artificial Eye 2.0 synced to Criterion BD
Posted by: sertoli - 2020-10-01, 02:46 PM - Forum: Released - No Replies

Pather Panchali (1955) DVD-R2 Artificial Eye AC3 2.0 audio synced to Criterion BD
DD 2.0 to WAV to FLAC

More noise. More details.

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  Copkiller 1983 Extended And Regraded
Posted by: alleycat - 2020-10-01, 10:08 AM - Forum: Released - No Replies

[Image: Pdan8nU.png]

[Image: GSvB7J2.png]

This extended composite version of the movie Copkiller uses the blu ray and additional footage from two different TV broadcasts.

This version combines the official blu ray put out by Code Red with the extra footage from the Italian TV Version and one scene from the Hungarian TV Version. Initially I identified everything that was extra, then slowed it down to 23.976 fps, upscaled it to 1080p and ran it through some filters to reduce noise and remove some dirt and dust that was present.
These extra scenes (14 minutes in total) were then inserted into the Code Red blu ray, and the volume was adjusted so it isn’t too distracting when it switches between the different sources. Please bear in mind however, the additional footage is 4:3. Two people then helped me out by subtitling the extra scenes into English.

At the point it become apparent just how bad the transfer on the Code Red blu ray is. The colours look way off when compared to every other version, everything has this magenta filter over the top of it and black is never black. So I picked up a UK DVD of the movie and decided to regrade all the footage. All in all I used about a 100 different LUTs and this part of the process took a couple of weeks. It’s far from perfect, the Code Red scan itself has a lot of problems and the UK DVD wasn’t a great transfer, but I feel it’s a hell of a lot better than it was.

The Code Red blu ray also suffers with very bad sibilance, that’s the distortion you here sometimes when someone pronounces an S. This is actually the worse I have ever heard it so I ran the audio through a de-esser to try and remove some of it. Again it’s not perfect, if you take too much out it cuts part of the audio you don’t want to touch so it’s better to not take too much.

In terms of setup there are three options:

  • English audio with subtitles during the Italian and Hungarian scenes
  • Hungarian audio with no subtitles
  • Italian Audio with subtitles during the Hungarian scene
I also ported over the Trailer and Leonard Mann interview from the Code Red Blu Ray. The blu ray has a menu, background video, pop up menu and can resume. I’ve also made a cover and some disc artwork, full res version available upon request.

You will see on the cover I list the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone as a special feature and I’ve made artwork for the CD. At the moment I don’t have it, there is a very expensive CD or a German vinyl. If anyone has either of these please get in touch. If I still don’t have it after a month or so I might buy the vinyl and transfer it – but if anyone has the CD that would be great.

Massive thanks to everyone involved.

Here are some screenshots before and after the colour correction, before is first after is second: 

[Image: vbv4iN2.png]
[Image: QOjscFu.png]

[Image: t36g7Aa.png]
[Image: mZvj0ix.png]

And the movie itself:

[Image: dqO4ETs.png]
[Image: v8MNYnI.png]
[Image: Add16xN.png]
[Image: DndVxtY.png]
[Image: D9jmL5A.png]
[Image: iGEoKvi.png]
[Image: 7t8C9EM.png]

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  Hellraiser (Clive Barker, 1987) – 35mm Scan
Posted by: LucasGodzilla - 2020-10-01, 01:20 AM - Forum: Requests, proposals, help - Replies (11)

Since Big Trouble In Little China is nearly finished (waiting on a couple last things before I can release a proper MKV), I thought I'd start talking about the next preservation on my roadmap. A movie that got me started into fan restoration work in the first place.

I'll be taking it from the top for those who are unfamiliar with the regrade I attempted.

Here's the nutshell. One day, I stumbled randomly across a post on the Blu-Ray forum about how the Hellraiser 2K restoration put out by Arrow looked practically nothing like its 35mm counterpart.
JohnCarpenterFan;15869547 Wrote:It is very interesting that you brought up Hellraiser.

I recently managed to get my hands on a well-preserved archival print, watched it, took some scans, made sure they were representative of how it looked correctly projected and compared it with the Arrow Blu-ray.

Be aware that I really liked the Arrow Blu-ray despite the peculiar grain, and didn't have any problems with the color timing... When I watched this print, I couldn't believe my eyes. This film when viewed on film looks absolutely incredible, very stylish, quite a lot of blue lighting. I had no idea this film looked that good, home video has just done it a complete disservice.

One thing I will say is that this print was not grainy at all, even in low-light conditions there was nothing out of the ordinary, I wasn't even aware of it most of the time.

When I flicked through the Arrow disc not long after, it looked flat and orange compared to what I had seen, it looked ugly and noisy. In the scene where the cenobites appear at the hospital, the room in the print appeared more blue with Pinhead's skin also being bathed in blue which helped draw attention away from the make-up, on the Arrow the room is more neutral and the make-up job on Pinhead really stands out. Also in a scene near the end (see last picture below), in the print, there's clearly blue lighting in the background and the characters directly in front of the camera are covered in a warm glow from a fireplace (IIRC), yet on the Arrow, everything is again flat and orange.

[Image: h1.jpg]
[Image: h2.jpg]
[Image: h3.jpg]
[Image: h4.jpg]
[Image: h5.jpg]

It was like watching the film for the first time. I'd love it if every studio/label took the Warner approach and used answer prints (or at the very least view multiple theatrical prints) to assist with color timing. This "Hold back on the colors/contrast, keep the shadows intact, make everything look natural" way of thinking has got to go. It's not purist in the slightest, in fact it goes directly against what film naturally looks like.

Regarding Zombie, finally got to sit down and watch the 4K restoration in full. This is an incredible disc, the colors are absolutely gorgeous, don't see why anybody would have a problem with them unless they've subscribed to that silly notion described above.

Blue Underground pulled off an incredible accomplishment releasing this and Maniac back-to-back. Almost seems like they're saying to the other labels "Just you try and beat this, I dare you." Very excited to see their future 4K remasters which I hear will include The New York Ripper and Dead and Buried.


Should also note that the extra information on the top and bottom of those scans isn't part of the intended composition and was matted during projection. There is some information on the left or right (depends on which image) that was on the print that I didn't manage to capture due to equipment used and lack of time.
And having seen his and his screencaps, I can never unsee just how horrid the Arrow master really is in comparison. All of the stylish blue flair and whatnot is just dull, neutral, and lifeless! It's very much akin to how Fox treated BTiLC.

This led me down a sort of train of hobby work for a here on FanRes where I tried to regrade with Arrow BD with those five 35mm stills above as well as a gallery of other stills provided from the same guy below.
[Image: Hellraiser-Extra-Stills.png]
The results were mixed admittedly. Although I did come out with a release of the regrade, I was never truly happy with the results for a variety of reasons.

The first big reason was that I was brand new to the community and I was still trying to figure out how to approach this project. The long story short in that regard was @TomArrow being basically my mentor as he watched me continually struggle trying to piece together basic stuff (though I am very thankful that he was a very patient person and stuck around). Since then though, I've learned some newer techniques and stuff that'd helped me a lot back then.

The second biggest reason was that there was a lot of educated guessing involved which I didn't like to do since I had no idea how the colors were supposed to be handled for scenes outside of those stills and I couldn't tell what was fading or photochemical color grading more often than not. Although there is a laserdisc that does respect the 35mm color grading, I have no means of ripping it even if I could get my hands on it.

On top of all that, there was still the weirdly harsh grain issue in the BD that I had no way of really fixing easily without accidentally DNRing detail. At the end of the day, it was a bit of a mess that I hoped to revisit someday.

Fast forward a few years later when I stumbled onto the collector and scanner for The Keep, I noticed that they actually have a print of this movie in the inventory.

Quote:HELLRAISER (1987)- LPP, 5rls, Near Mint #

A perfect opportunity to finally be able to see how the whole movie looked in 35mm for the first time and in 4K no less!

Calculations had roughly estimated the project costs to be $1000 to cover rental, shipping, scanning and a hard drive.

As usual, I'll start with pledges, though I'll make a PayPal Pool if it looks like we can overcome the initial cost hurdle.

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  Editing Subtitles With Movie
Posted by: alleycat - 2020-09-29, 10:36 PM - Forum: Audio and video editing - Replies (3)

Hi all,

Is anyone aware of any software that can edit subtitles at the same time as the video? What I want is to take a movie with subtitles, "bind" the srt file to the movie somehow and then if I cut out bits, reorder scenes etc, every change is replicated in the subtitle track(s). So after the edit is finished, I still have correct subtitles. 

Does such a program exist? 


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  Hello everyone
Posted by: nightmare - 2020-09-29, 09:00 PM - Forum: Presentation - Replies (5)


I have been lurking for a while, some time back i found about the Kerr edits of the LOTR movies to follow the books, that spiraled down into me finding a few places dedicated to fan edits.

I always enjoyed learning new skills and thought i would create some edits of my own, mostly as a learning experience, I am a FOSS developer and figured i should also approach this in an open way with live feedback from a community

I am a huge fan of the predator and alien franchises (excluding the latest movies), you can see my first topic about some edits i am working on here


Any feedback is very welcome, looking forward to becoming an active member!

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  Tales of the Predator
Posted by: nightmare - 2020-09-29, 08:35 PM - Forum: In progress - Replies (6)

Hello everyone, first post here

I recently started working on a fandit project, I am taking all predator franchise movies and editing them into 45 min max episodes.

My idea is to make a series in the style of masters of horror, each episode should follow a predator in a hunt. There will be humans obviously, but the predator should be the main character

I named this topic Predator Antology Series, but i have not decided in a name yet, i might also create a new generic intro to be used in all episodes, if anyone has ideas or wants to help reply here or send a PM. Right now i am focused in creating the episodes itself and this is low priority

First Episode - Jungle Hunter

I am nearly done with the first episode, Jungle Hunter, based on the first predator

i included some deleted footage and it runs at about 41 mins with credits included

Major change list:
- removed the guerrila/dillon subplot
- remove elpidia carrilo and shane black completely
- poncho dies off camera
- added butterfly deleted scene
- added a color corrected (for night time) cloaking scene from unused footage of cloaking tests
- added the predator teasing with dutch deleted scene
- added deleted footage of the dutch preparation for the final battle

this is early work, i haven't really touched audio yet but i have a rough cut of the first episode uploaded on mega

Second Episode - AVP Ritual  (name subject to change)

I am also working in the AVP movie at same time i work in the first episode, right now I am learning rotoscoping in order to remove Lex teaming up with the predator completely. I have a few shots done and a couple of scenes for this one already, will update when i have more stuff done

Please note this is my first ever experiment with video/audio editing, as a programmer and FOSS advocate i refuse to use non free software (including operating systems, i have been windows free for about 10 years), all work is being done in Kdenlive for now, if anyone has a better suggestion let me know. Any reading material also very welcome

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