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Alien Regrade (Fox THX Laserdisc) - PDB - 2015-01-04

[Image: 6e9c51760b7d3cca0463488650b3aaa7.jpg]

Well starting out, here is the project I began on the OT a long, long time ago (to quote a movie). The original thread is here:

Project Info:

The basis of this project is to color regrade the Blu-ray (BD) to look more like the 1995 THX laserdisc (LD) and include as many diverse soundtracks as possible.

2010 Blu-Ray (Theatrical Cut) video color regraded to the 1995 THX laserdisc

1. 1995 Laserdisc Dolby Digital 5.1. This soundtrack is a rare 70mm mix that was used to test Alien in the Sensurround format before it was abandoned for conventional Dolby Stereo 70mm (track 2). This soundtrack was accidentally put on the 1995 laserdisc when it was thought it was the standard Dolby 70mm mix. It contains different sound effects, musical cues and dialogue.

2. 2010 Blu-Ray (Theatrical Cut) Dolby Digital 4.1 remixed to Dolby Digital 5.1 with mono surrounds. This soundtrack represents the original Dolby Stereo mix as heard in theaters on a 70mm film presentation.

3. 1992 Laserdisc PCM 2.0 Dolby Stereo/Surround. This soundtrack should be the closest to the original Dolby Stereo mix as heard in theaters on 35mm film.

English (PGS subs from the existing BR)


Final MKV Pics
[Image: 48TUt88.jpg]

BD/BD regraded to the 1995 LD
[Image: alien_comp.jpg]

jonno: For another capture of the laserdisc and for the CE LD's PCM 2.0 (And his knowledge)
spoRv: For the THX LD's Ac3 5.1
Doombot: For testing
Feallan: For testing

RE: Alien Color Regrade - spoRv - 2015-01-04

Thanks a lot PDB!!!

RE: Alien Color Regrade - Lee - 2015-01-04

This is going to be great!

RE: Alien Color Regrade - PDB - 2015-01-05

Thanks Lee. Hopefully it will be. Like I said on the OT, the video is done, just working on syncing the audio part.

RE: Alien Color Regrade - jedeitor - 2015-01-06

Why do the studios keep on tweaking their movies?

I like a lot the color regrading. Amazing work!

RE: Alien Color Regrade - PDB - 2015-01-06

Thanks jedeitor. I don't know if I'd call my version "right" but its definitely more right then the Blu-ray

RE: Alien Color Regrade - jolennon - 2015-01-12

Congratulations Big Grin

RE: Alien Color Regrade - kk650 - 2015-01-17

Interesting grading choices, have to see how the film looks in motion, how colour continuety is maintained for instance, to be able to make any real judgement.

RE: Alien Color Regrade - spoRv - 2015-01-17

Yeah, I agree, a small test clip - 30s, better 60s - will be interesting to watch!

RE: Alien Color Regrade - CSchmidlapp - 2015-01-18

Looks great, can not wait to see this.