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Audio Comparisons - bendermac - 2019-09-15

I didn't know where to put it, so I place it here...

This thread is about audio comparisons for a movie with various audio sources.

Lets start with Spaceballs... The movie received a new master on Amazon Prime and it looks really good. Probably from a new 4K scan. The LD & BD audio sync up nicely with just a delay of -1001ms

I watched the movie with the LD PCM and I don't like it. The voices are bleeding onto all channels and it's very irritating. At first I thought my Dolby processor screwed up, but the 2.0 from the BD doesn't have this problem. The BD 5.1 sounds good, though it's mixed the loudest. The Dolby+ from the WEB-DL sounds similar to the 2.0 from the BD. Much better balanced. All in all I recommend the BD 5.1 and also keep the 2.0 from the BD. Forget the LD PCM due to the bleeding into the surrounds. If it hadn't this problems, I'd give it the recommended audio track.

And here are the comparisons. The BD 5.1 looks like a different movie, but it was the correct file.

LaserDisc 2.0 PCM
[Image: NTMZjyC.jpeg]

WEB-DL Dolby+ 5.1
[Image: q3Rqr8D.jpeg]

Blu-ray Dolby 2.0
[Image: mkOyfsc.jpeg]

Blu-ray DTS-HD MA 5.1
[Image: e2orvLK.jpeg]

RE: Audio Comparisons - spoRv - 2019-09-15

Hint: would be nice to post the images on (up to 6 images), so to get an instant comparison between them! Wink

RE: Audio Comparisons - bendermac - 2019-11-02

An American Werewolf in London - Mono Mix -> LaserDisc (Pioneer) vs Blu-ray (Arrow)

[Image: QXwMT8z.jpg]
[Image: IMPJvWS.jpg]

RE: Audio Comparisons - TomArrow - 2019-11-03

(2019-11-02, 10:44 AM)bendermac Wrote: An American Werewolf in London - Mono Mix -> LaserDisc (Pioneer) vs Blu-ray (Arrow)

Curious, what's your interpretation of the differences in this case? Typically the Blu Rays tend to be the denoised ones with frizzled out spectrograms, here it seems to be the opposite. Is the LD denoised or is the Blu Ray just too noisy?