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The Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 - Shadoe
So last year I released this over on MS.

A few days ago, Vinnie contacted me and asked if he can post this on BT. Since it's my work and I have an account there, I decided to upload it myself.

This is now available on MS and BTWink

For those interested, here's the original thread over on OT.

"Official" release info:

Jerry Shadoe presents:

The Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut BD-50

Purpose: to provide the highest quality possible for the Original Theatrical Cut which has not been released on bluray and restore a lossless 5.1 audio track for this cut.

Video sources: 1080i HDTV SKY-HD broadcast, R4 Brazilian NTSC DVD (for timing purposes ONLY)

Audio sources: Lossless audio - official BD, lossy - numerous DVDs and HDTV

Subtitles sources: various DVDs and HDTV

Bonus sources: official BD and various internet finds

Final format: BD-50

Project info:

The Last of the Mohicans has been released on Blu-ray, but it's a different cut and the color-timing is completely different, On top of that the release has crushed blacks. The HDTV broadcast was a great source, but a little too much contrast and had nearly no grain remaining. After changing the fps back to 23.976 and de-interlacing the footage, I timed it to the R4 Brazilian NTSC DVD, as that was the main audio source I was using (although it's a secondary track now,) applied slight filters for the contrast/brightness/saturation and then laid real 35mm film grain on it. The result is actually pretty nice. The lossless 5.1 24bit DTS-HDMA English audio track is a custom build. Most of it is from the actual lossless track that came on the official release. However, as there are some alterations/deletions/etc. I had to supplement this audio with the 5.1 lossy track from the R4 NTSC DVD. I did some re-mastering on the lossy parts to bring some fidelity back to them and, overall, the transitions from one to the other are almost inaudible. Also, I re-inserted any sound effects from the R4 NTSC DVD back into the lossless BD audio that had been modified for the official blu-ray release. I kept the bonus featurette included on the official release, as well as the trailer. next, i searched the internet for bonus footage and have lots of interviews, promos, a soldier training for the film video, video-assist footage and more ;o)

Main Feature Video:

1920x1080, 23.976fps, A.R. 2.35:1, AVC encoded 24.9mbps

Main Feature Audio:

English 5.1 Custom DTS-HDMA 24bit @~3800kbps
English 5.1 AC3 16bit @384kbps (sourced from R4 NTSC Brazilian DVD)
English 5.1 AC3 16bit @448kbps (sourced from R2 DVD, slowed down to 23.976fps)
Isolated Score 5.1 AC3 16bit @384kbps (sourced from R4 NTSC Brazilian DVD)
Audio Commentary Track 2.0 AC3 16bit @384kbps (sourced from BD, re-synced to this cut)
French 5.1 AC3 16bit @448kbps (sourced from HDTV, slowed down to 23.976fps)
German 5.1 AC3 16bit @640kbps (sourced from HDTV, slowed down to 23.976fps)
Italian 5.1 AC3 16bit @448kbps (sourced from R2 DVD, slowed down to 23.976fps)
Polish 5.1 AC3 16bit @448kbps (sourced from R2 DVD, slowed down to 23.976fps)
Brazilian Portuguese 2.0 AC3 16bit @384kbps (sourced from R4 NTSC Brazilian DVD)
Russian 5.1 AC3 16bit @448kbps (sourced from HDTV, slowed down to 23.976fps)

Main Feature Subtitles:

English, Croatian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish

Bonus Video:

Various (mostly HD)

Bonus Audio:

English 5.1 AC3 16bit @448kbps (for the featurette)
English 2.0 AC3 16bit @384kbps (for all other)

Bonus Subtitles:


EXTRA SIDE-NOTE: I forgot to mention, that the background audio on the commentary track will be out-of-sync in certain points to what is on-screen, as I didn't want to cut any of the commentary out, so I did the best I could to keep it in sync while still retaining all of it.
Thanks given by: Stamper

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