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The Sword In The Stone Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono 1963 Multiaudio Multisubs.
Actually, about a year and a half ago or so, I started a MASSIVE project involving "the new adventures of winnie the pooh" series (in SD) AND the original "winnie the pooh" films (in HD) and have been slowly working on it. I have multiple sources for it (in some cases, as many as eight) that are nearly all "damaged" to some extent or another. What I mean is a lot of them had incorrect transfers from NTSC to PAL that resulted in frame-blending PLUS a lot of the episodes have a logo, (but since I have so many sources, I am able to de-logo the episodes via a "patch") but ALL of this has been extremely time consuming and, at times, super frustrating. The various sources also have slightly different colors, so I have to color-match everything as well. To make things even worse, the framing between the sources isn't always the same (changes as often as from shot to shot) and in the case of the "patch" for the logo, there are times where I have to do frame-by-frame corrections. With each episode being around 22 minutes, that's over 30k frames PER episode. There are 65 episodes, plus a couple of specials, and the original films, therefore we are talking about going through about 2.3 million frames (!) As a comparison, "The Matrix" film is about 200k frames, so I'm basically working on about 11 full-length feature films worth of frames, hence the reason it's not finished yet. Add on top of that, the fact that it gets so tedious to work on that I frequently have to work on something else to avoid going "stir-crazy," the numerous other projects I have going on, plus a little thing called life... LOL Tongue

There are a LOT of people waiting on me to finish this one (I still get "bombed" with PMs at OT and a few other places where I have mentioned the project, asking me about it's completion) including my daughters and I'm hoping that I will have it finished before the end of the year, after I complete the "easier" projects firstWink
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RE: The.Sword.In.The.Stone.Open.Matte.Original.Theatrical.Mono.1963.Multiaudio.Multisubs. - by jerryshadoe - 2016-01-09, 01:47 AM

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