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Early adopters and rest of the world...
Last millennium - a looong time ago Wink I was an early adopter... every new audio video technology was so exciting that I can't resist... few examples? Minidisc (luckily I skipped DCC), DAT, DVB, 16:9 TV, DVD recorder...

What I learned is, despite the fact that is still cool to have some new "tech" thing others don't even know it exist, often it's a waste of money... I mean, MD was a flop, DAT was just a professional format, DVD recorder first models were faulty, DVB... well, here in Italy we had a kind of "government discount" and I got it almost for free, so this is the exception to the rule... 16:9 was actually a good bet - indeed, I got a 16:9 TV set since 1995, almost ten years before all the other "normal" people discovered that it was a good thing - before the discover, my TV was "faulty" Wink

Then, grown old and thanks to a bit of experience, and less money to spend in useless tech, I discovered to be a "late adopter"... wisely, I waited the winner of Blu-ray/HD-DVD war - even if I bet on Sony since the beginning, try to spell "H-D-D-V-D" instead of Blu-ray and tell me it's easier to pronounce... laserdisc also was adopted late - 1995 along with 16:9 TV set - a good move at the time, as DVD was mainstream some years later, and I got "high resolution" video, twice better than VHS, way before the others... got my first flat panel TV, a plasma one, on 2005, not so late but enough to spend 1/10th of what it costed few years before... then it broke, and I was tempted by a full-led local dimming TV - yes, another quite new technology, but at half the price because it was an year-old model, was a gift I made myself...

Now, it broke (again), even if I must admit the use was more than "normal"... so, it's time to buy a new TV set, and, apart the lack of money, I decided to wait... for what? UHD is what I'm looking for, but still not standard enough like the next UHD-BD... so, I'm going to buy an used "classic" HD LED TV from a friend, barely used and still a good model, waiting to know the future of television technology... meanwhile, I'll continue to use a good technology like HD because UHD is still too young...
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