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Synchronizing Laserdisc audio to Bluray - missing frames
If two transfers go out momentarily, falling back into sync a short time later, then I tend not to make an edit; but only if the decoupling is very brief and there is nothing much going on, audio-wise.  If there is dialog or a sound effect that has to sync tightly with what is occurring on screen, then I make an edit.   It's annoying to have make series of edits in quick succession, but sometimes those are the cards that you are dealt.
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@Stamper: you talked about scenes, not shots! Wink

Hint: this problem could be due to not proper field detection deinterlacing the laserdisc; try to switch fields (top/bottom).
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(2019-02-28, 12:09 AM)spoRv Wrote: Hint: this problem could be due to not proper field detection deinterlacing the laserdisc; try to switch fields (top/bottom).

Yes, or improper decoding of the video(s).
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I don't think so. Currently syncing the Chace mix, and there is definetely something funky to the last scene.

Remember that long shot where Sarah parks, talk to the gas station attendant, then resume reading her easy spanish book?

They recut it to make room for Harlan Ellison credit.

In other video versions, they took frames there and there to keep the end credits sync.

There are 27 frames difference between that shot and the moment she pushes the tape recorder!
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Addition: After close look, they seem to have speeded up that part to make room for the new end credits, and keep the audio sync once the credits music starts!

Very interesting.
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