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TV series and flashbacks
Am I the only one a bit tired of all these flashbacks in the TV series?

Lost was the first example, but following it, a lot of new ones are based on heavy use of the flashback technique...

If X-files lasted 9 seasons without (or with just few) flashbacks, why the studios can't do any new series without them?!?

Luckily, someone has some remedy for that - like Jerryshadoe's "We Are The Walking Dead"!
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(2015-02-02, 07:24 PM)spoRv Wrote: X-files lasted 9 seasons

Sigh, I remember watching them as they were released. Never made it all the way to the end of S9, just got so bad IMO. For me, the true end of the show was after season 7. I thought Requiem was the perfect ending to the show.

Maybe I'll go back some day and give s8 and 9 another shot? When is this show coming in HD?
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Well, maybe they will release the blurays when the series ends, as (maybe you already know) there's going to be a new season:

If done right, it could be a proper ending to the series.

I left the series way before the las one. Way before Robert Patrick appeared.

I don't mind the flashbacks "Lost style". It's another way to tell a story. What bothers me a lot are the flashbacks that show you a previously seen scene, in case you weren't paying attention. This happens more in films though, as the "previously on" segments at the opening of episodes kind of covers this part in series.
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GREAT news!!! I can't wait to watch it!!!
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I'm sure you've all heard about this, but here it is...
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Great news!
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There's a guy on Myspleen forums who posts MEGA links to HD episodes as their air on some German channel. Smile He's on Season 6 now I think.
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Time to start an X-Files HD thread! Big Grin
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