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Any VCR experts around here?

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I've been offered a Philips 4-heads Hi-Fi VCR model VR502-08 for 40 euro shipped. I can't find info on it and I was wondering if it's worth it. I could do with a spare VCR in case mine breaks. I want to know if it's take it or pass.
Here's the manual at least http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/v/...fu_eng.pdf
I found that too, that's about it ahah. Someone suggests it could be from 1988 (!), I don't know.
As it has a big remote and record volume controls, it looks like a high end model to me. Can the seller vouch that it's in good working order?

I didn't even know digital sound broadcasts were a thing in Europe back then.
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He says it's from 1997 and perfectly working. I don't know, he doesn't seem too reliable.
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I actually only assumed that was the model but I see there are many different ones that look exactly the same. He said inside it's a Panasonic K deck
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He sent me these pictures

[Image: ktSj46x.jpg] [Image: Vlw6kwx.jpg] [Image: cdlowq6.jpg] [Image: QhjDsBh.jpg] [Image: lxWs71w.jpg] [Image: LXk7OA7.jpg]
Not the greatest pics, but it looks clean, and at least doesn't look like it's been sitting in someone's damp shed for years.

You can only tell so much from photos. The acid test is putting a tape in and see if the basic functions work without eating the tape.
Yeah, those are shitty pictures. Only the top 3 pics look like recent ones. He doesn't even show pics of it powered on but even that may not say much as it could be a second unit being used to sell a broken one.

I'd pass on this unless you've got the extra $$ to fix it if it needs it.

Just my opinion though.
I agree with everyone here, I would pass on this one if I was you...

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