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[request] Halloween - Criterion Collection Laserdisc (1994) - Isolated Score
(2016-08-09, 06:58 AM)sorrymagic320 Wrote:
(2016-08-09, 06:49 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: I'm bummed because instead of introducing yourself so folks could get to know you  .....  you drop right in to request mode.  To me, that isn't very cordial.

Welcome to the forum tho, since you're here, some reading through posts will help you learn a bit about what it is we do here.


Ah, sorry! I guess that was rude of me. Nice to meet you, Jetrell! Smile

Nice to meet you too. I hope you find this all well worth while.

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I am so tired of people registering on this forum just to try and get something from us and then we never see them again.

This does NOT mean that we don't want to share, per se, but that is a very poor "first impression" to the people in the community that work their butts off on these projects. I say that not only as one of the admins of the site, but also as a fellow project maker. I/we understand that not everyone has the time/skills/etc. to be able to work on their own projects to contribute to the community, but "pure leechers" are a sore spot for us.

The fact that you are offering to donate towards projects is awesome! Ok AND I/we thank you for the offer. Just to make things clear, we are NOT selling anything here and any potential donations are strictly ONLY to cover the expenses associated with some projects.

On behalf of the community, "Welcome to fanres!" Wink

Some people contribute to the community just by actively participating in conversations we have here about certain projects and that is fine tooWink

Hoping that you will stick around and have a good time here. Don't worry about this initial "hiccup." Feel free to look around and join any conversation...
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Resurrecting this old thread, I wondered if anyone knows of the Criterion extras being transferred in the past? Or has the Laserdisc and is able to do it? I'd love to do a preservation of the Criterion disc. From what I can see the extras were:

Commentary with writer/director/composer John Carpenter, writer/producer Debra Hill and actress Jamie Lee Curtis - already on SpoRv version
The original theatrical trailer - easily obtainable
Separate music and effects track (analog left) - already on SpoRv version
Additional footage shot for the 1980 television release
Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert give splatter movies the thumbs down while praising Halloween in a controversial 1980 Sneak Previews segment
Photo essay on the making of Halloween
Photo Essay on splatter films
Illustrated filmographies of John Carpenter, Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis
The cover also contains the famous review by Tom Allen (Village Voice)
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