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Fanres is now https only.

The certificate should be recognized across all browsers, but e-mail me at admin fanres com in case it's not working for you (if you have to "confirm security exception" or something similar).

I removed non-https remote avatars, so if your avatar disappeared, you will either need to have it on a https image host (imgur is one), or you can just upload it to be hosted here.

http://www.fanres.com and http://fanres.com both redirect to https://forum.fanres.com, but https versions of those two addresses DO NOT. When you visit any of those two addresses via https, you will get a security warning.
Hey! And it's Let's Encrypt too, very nice. Big Grin
Yep the host added the option to install your own certs Smile
A little clarification: all non-https images (that use the [img] tag) will only appear as link. You need to use a host which supports https to have the image appear normally.



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