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List of Flawed Audio Tracks on Home Video
(Moderators, please move this thread if I've posted it in the wrong place!)

About two years ago, I began comparing audio tracks from various home video releases for a bunch of films. It's grown quite a bit since then, and I've also incorporated some of the findings uncovered from the wonderful efforts of this community -- I've done this vaguely, to keep the whole thing more legitimate, and, of course, to avoid identifying those who do not want the attention.

I should also say that I'm probably not as interested as some people here about specific mixing differences -- I usually just prefer to listen to the original mix in as best fidelity possible. If you look on the right sidebar, I've also shared some opinions about (certain) lossy content that some here might find controversial. ;)
Thanks given by: Feallan , jerryshadoe , PDB
Interesting read! thank you Smile
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Good list! Thanks for posting! I commented on a few! Smile
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Great wealth of information. I made a note on Thunderball.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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Thanx for putting the list together.

I have had an idea for a list like this for a while because of all the audio work I've done in the past and am happy to see someone putting it together. Ok
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Excellent read!

One question:

Mean Streets - I have both blu-rays but prefer the Carlotta image-wise. You're right about the US release sounding better but I can't seem to mux it with the French video successfully - do you know if there's any reason?
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Excellent job, Moshrom!!!

The only little thing i'd change is to put "The" after the title, so to have them in alphabetical order. I know, I'm a pain in the butt... Big Grin (can I write... pain?)
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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