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"Help!" (1965) Open Matte Preservation Project (Help Needed on Audio) :)
(2017-05-06, 11:15 PM)The Aluminum Falcon Wrote: This project might be revived. Finally solved my issues with uploading, so expect some customs coming up. This will follows Zulu (1964), Peeping Tom (1960), Reservoir Dogs (1992), An American Werewolf in London (1981), and Le Samourai (1967).

Still looking for people to help me with audio work.

I can help with cleaning up audio.
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I can help Big Grin as well.

I can rip the LD and I've already got the mono audio.

Were you planning to try any other beatles films? It'd be nice to have the mono mix for Magical Mystery Tour.
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When you reconstruct your project, you might consider a slight adjustment on the color correction, which I blocked-out here:

[Image: Beatles_Help_blu-cc-adj_compare.png]

The top row is the blu-ray and your color correction. The bottom row is my adjustment using a Histogram function in a paint program (nothing fancy there). It was used to reduce your contrast but pull up the low end. In that process, the R-G-B's were adjusted so that whites / blacks had nearly same R to G to B values. The middle colors were adjusted to produce natural flesh-tones. As the overall color was a little weak, the saturation was mildly increased in a Hue-Saturation-Lightness function. When done, it suddenly brought out many shades of natural-looking colors in the various objects.

Just a suggestion.   Smile
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There's a 35mm print on Ebay at the moment. Might be too far gone to be of any use though.
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Two new sources for the mono mix of the Help! film have been posted to the BootlegZone forum, here:

One is an off air recording from Japan, captured from VHS at 24bit/48kHz. Lord Reith's posted video project also includes the Mono mix from some alternate, unnamed digital source.
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