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Movie Studio Logos for Preservation and Project usage

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Guys/Girls, what about a new project in which we gather the movie logos in the highest
possible quality, so they can be used on various projects? I bet this would help many
creators saving time to hunt down certain logos for their projects.

- How do we present them?
We give as much information as possible, like year, length, quality, resolution,
a/v codec usage, possibly the source and a screenshot.

- Can logos be shared when they are re-created?
Of course, if the quality matches the original presentation. Project files can be shared,
but they must include all assets, incl. fonts, etc.

What codec need the logo to be shared in?
The goal for re-created logos must be 1080p and in various aspect ratios, with lossless a/v output.
I suggest animation codec. While it's old, it's still perfect to guarantee no issues to work on Mac or Windows.
If you choose to supply ProRes, only use official codecs from Apple.
The FFMPEG created ProRes files in my experience tend to be problematic at times. So better stay away from them.

If sourced from VHS/LD/DVD/Blu-ray/Film Scans they also need to be in lossless a/v.

And here is my first contribution to this thread  :victory:

Warner Bros. Logo (1972-1984)
Source: Blu-ray (I think it was from Argo)
Length: 7 seconds
Codec: Apple ProRes 422 HQ - NO audio
Resolution: 1920x816
Framerate: 23,976fps
Download: MEGA (26MB)

[Image: wqwIXWJm.jpg]
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Great thread bendermac. I miss the Saul Bass logo. I think there was also a white/black variation of it.
This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for starting this! Smile
Here's an opening and a closing logo for WB, circa 1991. The source was an HDTV capture of the 1991 film "Ricochet". They're pretty big files, though, as they are uncompressed.

Warner Bros. Logo (1991) - Opening
Source: 1080i HDTV capture of the 1991 film "Ricochet"
Length: 11 seconds
Codec: Animation (Uncompressed) - NO audio
Resolution: 1920x1080
Framerate: 23,976fps
Download: MEGA (608 MB)

[Image: WB-Opening-Logo_1991.jpg]

Warner Bros. Logo (1991) - Closing
Source: 1080i HDTV capture of the 1991 film "Ricochet"
Length: 5 seconds
Codec: Animation (Uncompressed) - NO audio
Resolution: 1920x1080
Framerate: 23,976fps
Download: MEGA (466 MB)

[Image: WB-Closing-Logo_1991.jpg]
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If only I had sufficiently decent means (right now, I only know super-resolution, nnedi, and any among filters to reduce macro-blocking and edge enhancement/halos are involved), I'd definitely try to restore the international Walt Disney Home Video logo from the early '80s to 1080i24. As it is, though, I'll have to content myself with standard definition for the time being, so I'm afraid my submission might not be acceptable unless someone with the expertise wants to clean it up or else teach me how to do it... but for those curious, here it is anyway (you've got one week to grab it if you wish to grab it, I upped it using WeTransfer). Basically, I reversed PAL speedup and gave the music an ending more similar to the one from the Disney anthology opening from which it was originally sourced.
Excellent thread!
Right now, I'm looking for some UA logos to include in my Complete Dollars Trilogy project, namely the Hexagon in Scope format and the original Transamerica T. I presume the latter is available in high definition on a known source, but the Hexagon is a bit more challenging, to put it lightly, especially in Scope.
Did the Hexagon even appear on the Dollars films? UA was extremely inconsistent with showing their logo onscreen prior to 1967, most of the time the independent producers would just put in a text credit to UA and that was it. The U.S. 35mm prints of GBU we've come across don't start with a logo, to my knowledge.

One of the Transamerica logos may have shown up on FAFDM but that's it.

EDIT: Where did you get the info that the U.K. prints had the UA logo? I'd believe that more than U.S. prints having it, but still curious...
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I'm of the school of thought that believes it mainly appeared on international (read: outside the U.S.) prints. I'm also of the school of thought that believes prints that give a textual credit to UA didn't have a Hexagon, and so a print of AFOD or FAFDM that ends with a screen saying "THE END / RELEASED THROUGH UNITED ARTISTS" and doesn't start with a Hexagon would be a pretty accurate reconstruction thereof. One thing to keep in mind is that It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World didn't originally have a logo (confirmed by Bob Furmanek himself), but at least one Asian DVD release used the Hexagon. So I'm pretty sure it usually varied between territories. Whether the Hexagon I'm restoring for use in my Dollars Trilogy restoration project would've been the Hexagon used for contemporary prints, even I'm not 100% sure. But I'm more sure that American prints would not have used a Hexagon.

And I'm sure any Transamerica logo would've been more likely to show up on an English-language print of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, unless I'm mistaken (right now, I'm believing the prototype Transamerica T, as seen on The Thomas Crown Affair, could've appeared on a UK release print, and the older Ovoid might've been used for American prints based on period evidence presently available, though I might be mistaken--after all, my 1990 MGM/UA VHS didn't start with any logo whatever, in line with those 35mm prints you mentioned--which is why I haven't yet said anything about the Ovoid appearing anywhere on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as part of my Dollars Trilogy restoration).
It'd actually be useful to get 35mm logos from those that have them as well. Often they were cut off prints to be reused, so that when you get a 35mm print it may be complete except for the studio logo!

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