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Excalibur (1981) - Original Mono Mix from US-LD
Silverwook "Damn! Turns out there were two 16mm prints on Ebay in the past few months. One was an edited for tv print though. Maybe something else will turn up?"

There was an extra scene in the TV cut also!
But it's nothing too special a bit of dialogue that is exposition.

The only scenes Boorman admits to as being cut from the film was a section between Arthur's birth and then the older Arthur the time of which the villages burned and mob rule before order was restored by King Arthur the one who drew the sword from the stone.

So one can imagine this came after the sequence where Arthur was born and then the time leap. As a bit of a context in how the land became unruly with no true leader.
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Thanks for the update, BusterD! I was thinking about this only yesterday and almost watched my HD DVD as is; the film links in with some of the things that I've been reading.
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