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It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - 1991 "Partial Restoration" Laserdisc

I was wondering, has anyone here considered converting the 1991 "Partial Restoration" laserdisc of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" onto DVD's? 

I realize this version has since been superseded by the criterion "Restoration"; but the 1991 "partial restoration" is the cut of the film I grew up with, and is the cut of the film I prefer, for a number of reasons.

So, I just was wondering if anyone here has ever considered this, and, if anyone would be willing to do such a project.


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What are the differences in the ld vs bd cut?
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There are a number of trims on the ld cut that are not on the BD cut for one.

Also, there are a number of scenes that appear on both LD and BD cuts, but where the BD has that one second audio cutoff at the end of a trim (brief silence with subtitles), on the laserdisc, the *same* trims have *full audio* with *no* last second cutoff.

And in addition to that, perhaps the most glaring difference is that the wonderfully done "Making of" featurette including interviews with Stanley Kramer, many of the film's stars, and a few crew members, which was made especially for the 1991 Laserdisc/VHS release from MGM was inexplicably and regrettably not included in the BD.

Plus, as I have said, this is the version I grew up with and I'd love to have it on something less cumbersome than laserdisc.
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