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Preservation/restoration ideas - need help and opinions!

- added The Arrival BD with "correct" color grading (read: a 50/50 BD with corrected levels and DVD); it looks very nice, working on it right now, should be ready in the next few days - really, this time!Wink
- not added here, but I'm working on Waterworld (LD colors) as well; even this will be released this week
- The Arrival DVD upscale: now that I'm working on the previous version, I see that its colors are too warm; I could try to make the same with the DVD (mixing its colors with the BD ones, 50/50); anyone interested in this, or in the "plain and simple" DVD upscale?
- Waterworld "Alan Smithee" color grading: anyone (still) interested?

Fiber connection is on its way; when ready, I'll start to upload side projects like the last two ones.
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Timeline is almost ready - it's really nice indeed now - but with the actual connection it will take a life, plus few years, to upload; I scheduled that for the next few weeks, when fiber would hopefully be ready... stay tuned for more projects! Wink

EDIT: Timeline would take some time to be cleaned, even with an i7... found this problem was hard to remove than I imagined:

[Image: strikes.jpg]
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About Timeline: thanks to an help from doom9, I found a good solution to the problem, and fast too; so, right now I'm encoding it lossless using four parallel virtualdub instances! Eek

Should be ready tomorrow, then add few hours of lossy encoding, and I may be able to start to seed it in two days!
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