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Preservation/restoration ideas - need help and opinions!
Dunno, just playing it in VirtualDub via AviSynth (DGindex -> d2v -> tfm + tdecimate) and it works flawlessly...
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Fixed it! I re-ran DGindex honouring pulldown and now it seems to be working ok.
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(2017-07-03, 06:28 PM)zoidberg Wrote: Fixed it! I re-ran DGindex honouring pulldown and now it seems to be working ok.


Now I'm thinking to use this, the WEB-dl, and another cap I've found to get a median of the three, and probably a very good result...
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With these high temperatures (often near 40°C!), I can't think clearly enough to work on a project - that's why I slowed down a lot lately...

Still, enough brain cells active to think about eventual new projects; so, I updated the list in the first post - WARNING! Do not expect all the projects would be finished, nor a short ETA for the ones that would be... but, of course, if someone would help getting needed foreign audio/subs tracks for any project, that would speed up the process!
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just had a read through your list of potential projects and I noticed you have The Fan listed and said it isnt on bd, it actually is, there is a GER bd which was released a while back. The remux is available at blutopia, i uploaded it there, if you want the bd that is available at bithq, still showing seeds.
you have some very interesting titles on there though, a few i would be very interested in if they ever appear, Deja Vu, S1MONE, The 13th Warrior and Armageddon, can totally understand why you want a break though
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The Fan: missed that the BD was available - I wonder if there is a sure way to know if a certain title is on BD, apart blu-ray.com and dvdcompare.net... and amazon, sometimes.
May you post few screenshots on blutopia? I'm curious to see the colors, in particular.

About other projects: I agree, some are very interesting - if not, they would not be in the list, don't you think? Big Grin
Armageddon has the usual teal tint, can't say if it's minimal or quite strong, though.
Deja Vu is interesting in open matte, as other Scott's works like Prometheus and Alien: Covenant - if only the original Alien was available in OM, too...
S1M0NE: underrated movie, it's a very nice comedy; can't understand why is not on BD (yet)!
13th Warrior: haven't checked it yet. EDIT: checked, BD exists, and HDTV is cropped, even if its color grading is nicer IMHO: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/215720
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