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Prometheus (Deleted and Alternate Scenes) Version

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I know there is a small 4GB file out there of this but I would love to see a full blown custom BD release of this. Has anybody seen one or willing to do one?

I love the movie and I really enjoyed watching the alternate version.

Maybe there would be a way to make one big custom extended edition?

Thanks for listening.

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There are a few 'fan edit's' available.
One or two have the Deleted Scenes completed (Wire removal ect)
They have also added in the uncut TED speech shot by Jake Scott for the advertising campaign, although all seen to have removed scenes and made tweeks to the film overall.


The version I go to now is the Prometheus - Special Edition. Well worth a watch.
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Is it a scrappy small mp4 file like some of the others I've seen?
(2016-11-06, 12:33 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: Is it a scrappy small mp4 file like some of the others I've seen?

No I grabbed the 2D BD 25 version.
Worth noting that my personal favored edit is Prometheus: Unbound. It's available still. Not only does it add back deleted scenes but makes a lot of headway into humanizing both Vickers and Peter Weyland, who were outright mustache-twirling villains in the theatrical edit.

Prometheus: Special Edition by Agent 9 is also good, if less radical, and Prometheus: Giftbearer is my least favored of the three, though still quite professionally done in a 720p final output.
(2016-11-07, 03:55 PM)The Aluminum Falcon Wrote: .......Vickers and Peter Weyland, who were outright mustache-twirling villains in the theatrical edit.

Hahahahahaha, so true.

I will check out 'unbound' when I can.
Has the deleted material been finished?
I think I will check it out too
DAMN - Mega is a major pain since they've started to cap the bandwidth.
I'm downloading Agent 9's Fan Edit and it takes forever Sad

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