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eac3to The Audio Delay Thread
(2019-06-15, 09:02 PM)Stamper Wrote: Thanks but I don't get what the * means. What are the delay to apply?

Blade Runner has


And Dracula


I'm confused LOL shouldn't one of them be double if the first number is the frame differences ?

It's multiply sign - literally. Just multiply these two numbers and check with the code snip he gave Wink You'll have your total delay in miliseconds.
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Oh I get it. Yeah I read the delays, but was wondering what are those numbers. Thanks for Legend it'll help me get it done.
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*added A Fistful of Dollars (1964)*
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Hi Chewtobacca, i'm trying to sync some Predator original audio, and I have 7 frames of difference between the two masters.

The old BR @ 23.976 is 7 frames ahead ref frame is at 3027

The tracks I want to sync are from the first DVD @29.97 ref frame is at 3020

Second DVD open matte @23.976 ref frame is 2980

How do I convert those 7 frames in milliseconds?

And the 47 frames of the second.

Is 42ms one frame?

Then my account would be: 7x42 and 47x42?

Thanks if you can help.
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(2019-08-31, 04:55 PM)Stamper Wrote: How do I convert those 7 frames in milliseconds?

1000ms/23,976fps=41,71ms -> 41,71ms x 7frames = 291,97ms -> 292ms delay
Thanks given by: Stamper
7 frames:
eac3to input output +292ms

47 frames:
eac3to input output +1960ms
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*added Alien (1979)*

To sync the standard BD to the UHD BD, apply a delay.

eac3to input output -2002ms
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(2016-11-13, 02:25 AM)Chewtobacca Wrote: Fistful of Dollars, A (1964)

This syncs the DE BD (00021.mpls) to the IT BD (00000.mpls).

eac3to input output -22981ms

Before remuxing, slow down the IT BD.

Just bought the Italian blu for the improved colours and a German one (cheaply!) for the lossless mono, so this was precisely what i needed. I'm happy to report that this works with just mkvmerge as well!

1. Load the Italian blu (ripped to mkv with makeMKV in my case) in MKVMerge, de-select the audio track (don't need it) select the video track and put default duration / FPS to 24000/1001p. Start multiplexing.
2. Load the German blu (ripped to mkv with makeMKV in my case) in MKVMerge, de-select the video track (don't need it),  select the audio track and put -22981 in delay (in ms). Make sure you put the minus (-) there as well. Start multiplexing. This will result in an .MKA file, which is fine.
3. Load the new, speed-improved Italian MKV and add the new MKA file. Start multiplexing.

Done! You should now have the the best of both versions.

Thank you very much Chewtobacca!
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You're welcome. I'm glad that you found it useful.
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