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eac3to The Audio Delay Thread
I have something of a thing for audio delays.  Over the years, I've worked out quite a few.  Here are some for starters.  If you come up with any more, post them here, and I'll happily update the original post.



(It's important that you demux BDs with eac3to.)

Applying delays with other audio tools should be possible, but I use eac3to, so I've posted everything in terms of that and flagged the thread accordingly.

Alien (1979)

To sync the standard BD to the UHD BD, apply a delay.

eac3to input output -2002ms

Demux playlist 00800.mpls.  Then remux.

Blade Runner (1982)

The branching disc from the 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition has a different encode (AVC not VC-1) from the original. If you want to sync Buster D/NeonBible's LD PCM (director's cut and international cut) to the new disc, apply a delay.

eac3to.exe  input.wav output.wav" +1751ms

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

This syncs the PCM 5.1 from the 2007 BD to the remastered BD from 2015.  (Demux the audio on playlist 00011.mpls of the former with eac3to, applying the delay as you go; then remux with the video on playlist 00001.mpls of the latter.)  The same delay-value should work for the UHD BD as well.
eac3to input.pcm output.w64 -1001ms

Excalibur (1981)

This syncs the lossless audio from the BD to the video of the HD DVD.
eac3to input.dtshd output.dtshd -1001ms

Fistful of Dollars, A (1964)

This syncs the DE BD (00021.mpls) to the IT BD (00000.mpls).

eac3to input output -22981ms

Before remuxing, slow down the IT BD.

input_bd_structure 1) 2: output.264 -slowdown

Goldeneye (1995)

This syncs the BD to the 4k Netflix WEB-DL.

eac3to input output +7007ms

This syncs the BD to the 4k Amazon re-encode.

eac3to input output +7049ms

Halloween (1978)

This syncs the LD PCM that was synced to the 35th Anniversary BD to the DE BD. (I prefer its colors.)

eac3to input output  +15012ms

Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986) AKA The Flying Island

This syncs the 24-bit audio on the US BD to the superior video on the first JP BD and the disc that is in the boxset called The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki.

eac3to input output -792ms

Legend (1985)

This syncs the US BD to the UK BD (director's cut for both, of course) so you can add the DTS-HD MA 5.1 to the AVC-encoded UK video.  The relevant playlist for both discs is 00801.mpls.

eac3to input output +959ms

Licence to Kill (1989)

This syncs the BD to the 4k WEB-DL.

eac3to input output +7925ms

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

US (Disney) BD

This syncs the 24-bit audio on the US (Disney) BD to the superior video on the first and second JP BDs.

eac3to input output -11217ms


1. This syncs the R1 DVD with the first and second JP BDs.

eac3to input output -12218ms

2. This syncs the R1 DVD with the US BD.

eac3to input output -1001ms

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)


This syncs the 2009 BD to the 2016 one.  Demux playlist 00800.mpls (the theatrical cut) of the new BD with eac3to. Then remux.

eac3to input output +834ms


Synchronizing the Sky HDTV Broadcast to the R1 DVD

After you correctly slow down the Sky HDTV cap of the DC, you need add only an initial delay of 42 frames to sync it to the R1 DC DVD; consequently, you can mux in the audio tracks from the latter after applying a negative delay (and accounting for the +4ms delay with which the DVD's tracks are flagged).

eac3to input output -1747ms

Terminator 2 (1991)


This syncs the JP Geneon BD to the 2015 BD.

eac3to input output +917ms



This syncs the Skynet BD to the 2015 BD.

eac3to input. output -2002ms


Top Gun (1986)

This syncs the 2008 US BD and 2009 EU/UK BD to the 3D BD.

eac3to.exe input output +5921ms


Demux playlist 00800.mpls with eac3to (i.e. extract the left-eye stream); then remux.

Total Recall (1990)

This syncs anything on the UK Ultimate Rekall Edition (= US Mind-Bending Edition) to the first UK BD (from Optimum).

eac3to.exe input output -2294ms

Thanks given by: PDB , DoomBot , BusterD , bronan , Falcon , Vlaflip , pipefan413
Ah, didn't know the 3-cut disc for Blade Runner had been re-encoded, I thought it was just the workprint version. Will have to make use of your delay, thanks!
Too bad they didn't re-do the Final Cut, as colors aside it had worse detail than the 3-cut disc, and I prefer that cut overall.
Thanks given by:
*added Total Recall*

*more accurate delay-value for Excalibur*
Thanks given by: BusterD
Alien (1979)-Theatrical Cut

The isolated audio stream containing the in-complete production audio (with some alternate music cues) from the film’s 1999 20th Anniversary DVD edition has not been carried-over to the current Blu Ray.  So, this post explains how to apply that stream (or any of that DVD’s audio streams that you choose to use) to the MKV container of PDB’s Alien Color Regrade (Fox THX Laserdisc) that was ripped from the Blu Ray.

I have not used eac3to, but there are some guides to follow if you use this software.

  1. Rip the DVD: I used DVDShrink It’s free.
  2. Before demuxing the audio from the DVD, convert the DVD video’s fps from 29.97 to 23.97 to fit the MKV fps format. I used TSMuxer for this.  It’s also free.
  3. Take the converted DVD, mux its audio (not demux the audio from its DVD and then mux it's AC3 audio file) to the MKV with a delay of +1000ms.  I used MKVToolNix, also free. (I previously demuxed the AC3 audio stream from the converted DVD and muxed that file to the MKV applying the +1000ms delay, but the audio and video were still out of sync—it was in-sync in the beginning but by the end of the film, the audio came before the video).  

    Why a delay at +1000ms:  I compared some frames between the converted DVD and the Blu Ray, some at the beginning of the film and others at the end of the film, and I found that the converted DVD has between 24 to 25 frames less than the Blu Ray (actually, the processed DVD’s beginning was 24 frames less than the Blu, but by its end is was 25.  I suspect the converting software left behind anomalies of the original DVD’s 3:2 pulldown scheme).  So, if I applied the audio to the MKV, as is, the sound will appear one second before the video.  Also, MKV video frames are displayed at 23.97 frames per second and you have 1 second being made up of 1000ms.

I realized that I’ve used 3 different programs to do this work.  Maybe I should learn how to use eac3to.   Shy
Thanks given by:
*added extensive information on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)*
Thanks given by: BusterD
Don't have the US BDs, but are the Disney BDs actually 24-bit and not padded? Sometimes even JP BDs use 16-bit padded to 24-bit (although the one specific example I'm thinking of is LPCM and not DTS-MA, and it was just a concert included with a Kawada Mami Best CD).
Thanks given by:
^ That's true, but Nausicaä's Japanese track is a genuine 24-bit one according to eac3to, which is very good at stripping superfluous bytes.

Quote:The original audio track has a constant bit depth of 24 bits.

And the main attraction of the Japanese track on the US BD lies in the fact that it's unfiltered, rather than its bit depth.  See here.
Thanks given by: BusterD
Ah, forgot about that blog, thanks. Interesting, Maybe I should check out the JP LDs as well, I'm sure they're quite common over here.
Thanks given by:
(2017-11-13, 05:58 PM)BusterD Wrote: Maybe I should check out the JP LDs as well,

That might prove worthwhile. Smile
Thanks given by:
Found the Ghibli ga Ippai LD box for about $40 shipped (amazing considering its MSRP was 100000 yen (give or take $1000) back in the day), but according to LDDB the Nausicaa disc is just a repress of the analog-only LD from 1984. Even if that's true, I'll still at least capture the audio for posterity.
Thanks given by:

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