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Transformers: The Movie (1986) Custom BD
This is another one of my do-it-for-others-to-save-them-the-hassle projects.

  • to fix the levels issue on the 4:3 Shout BD and perform a high-quality re-encode
  • to sync the LD PCM
    (While the BD has DTS-HD MA 2.0, I found the balance of dialog, music, and effects to be a bit off.  I'm no great expert when it comes to audio, but I preferred the LD PCM.)
  • BD-25
  • Video: x264-encoded AVC
  • Audio: 2.0 PCM (from the LD)
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish (from the BD)
  • chapter-stops (from the BD)

Because the film is only eighty-five minutes and I stuck to a single audio track, I was able to make this a BD-25 and retain high quality.  The disc is in sync with the official BD, so if you want to mux in the DTS-HD MA 5.1 (or whatever), you can.


PM me if you are interested.

Please do not:

pass on my links;
remux my releases;
re-encode my releases.
Thanks given by: PDB , The Aluminum Falcon
Can you please go into detail about the levels issue?
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It looks as if the luma range was compressed while it was already in the TV range, a simple oversight. Expanding it in the same way that one normally expands YUV upon conversion to RGB stretches it back again.
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Finally got this downloaded and it looks sooooo much better now. Great job on the fix and encoding Chewtobacca. Ok Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

Film Addict    

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^ You're most welcome.  Smile
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Sorry to dig up an old thread. I wanted to ask if it was possible to correct the colour space issue on the Transformers BD using a simple tool like Handbrake? I'm asking because I would like to correct the theatrical 16:9 version of the movie and I note that this release only includes the 4:3 version. Many thanks for any help. Smile
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I've no idea if HandBrake can do it, but any tool that can adjust levels should be able to accomplish the task.
New members, please don't PM me for links to my projects until you have participated for a while and become active members of the forum.
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Thanks Chewtobacca. Do you know where I might find some instruction on how to achieve this? I've tried Googling for info on converting YUV colorspace to RGB in a video file but I'm struggling to find results relevant to what I'm trying to do. :\
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