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Lord of the Rings trilogy - open matte

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PDB Wrote:
spoRv Wrote:Actually, TTT and ROTK are available in OM, albeit with logos; Colek, if you can record them it would be great!

Was that ever determined for sure? Last I remember I thought a few shots (SFX?) were open but overall both were cropped from the scope. I hope I'm wrong on that.

Good point!

I meant that they are available fullscreen 1.78:1; but, IIRC they should be open matte - at least partially; if not, the fullscreen were all cropped and, again IIRC they were not... sure, a deeper investigation is needed! Wink

Then, IF they are both open matte, then I will work on the whole trilogy - you know, I hate to work only on one film from a saga! Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Got ya, spoRv.

Well, I'm only interested on looking at Fellowship at the moment (I'll leave the rest to you when you are back working Wink ). So if anyone in additional to Colek has any OM recording of Fellowship, please let me know.
Big thanks to babouin and Colek. I now have some material to test with

FOTR HDTV 1\FOTR HDTV 2\Logo Removal
[Image: XonSG2N.jpg]

Edit: Project competed here: https://forum.fanres.com/thread-2563.htm...+the+rings
(2018-02-24, 12:42 AM)spoRv Wrote: Lord Of The Rings trilogy in UAR? So what? Big Grin

[Image: LOTR_UAR_so_what.jpg]

Did this ever get released?
Nope... it's still in the "project drawer" with A LOT of other ones!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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