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Hard Target Japanese Laserdisc
Does anybody have the Japanese Hard Target LD? (PILF-1913). I'd be interested in hearing the PCM soundtrack on that.
I think the Japanese disc has the "unrated" cut, same as what's on the Blu-ray release, so it would be preferable over the R-rated US LD.
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Same here.
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So, I went ahead and bought the Japanese LD. I've captured the audio, and now just need to sync it.

Now the next step is to find the cinema DTS mix for this film. Wink
I opened up the Blu-ray 5.1 mix in Audacity, and was surprised to see that the subwoofer channel is completely silent throughout the entire movie. There's also some pretty severe clipping on the center and side channels. It wouldn't surprise me if the DTS track is a significant improvement. Would the DTS laserdisc be the same soundmix as the cinema DTS mix?
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All DTS laserdiscs (and the early DVDs) were exclusively mastered in-house by DTS. They were generally accused of being 'overcooked', but in a good way. My guess is that while they are probably slightly optimised for home theatres (and obviously using different codecs) they are probably as theatrical as you will get.
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What version of the blu do you have?
Ive got the German release with both Theatrical and European cuts of the film.
It's a different encode to the Universal disc (H264 not VC1) and from monitoring the volume statistics in MPC-HC, the DTS HD tracks do have an active LFE channel. Not sure about clipping.
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I have the UK disc with the VC-1 encode.
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Ive PMed you sir.
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Here's something I've noticed about the Laserdisc, it has somewhat better colors than the Blu-ray. Not always, though. There's a fair share of pink skies, and some of the darker scenes look a bit iffy.

[Image: htbd1.jpg]

[Image: htld1.jpg]

[Image: htbd2.jpg]

[Image: htld2.jpg]

Here's what the Blu-ray looks like color matched to the LD.
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I do prefer the look of the laserdisc in the screenshotcomparison link.
are you planning on doing a full colour correct on the whole film?
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Yeah looks better
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