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[proposal] Robocop - Theatrical Cut
Count me in as preferring the TC but probably cause I had seen it a million times on VHS and the Image DVD before seeing the DC. My first time seeing the DC was the 2004 trilogy set and yeah I thought it was cool to have extra footage but it just for my tastes at least was more over the top than needed. The TC is leaner and to the point. I also think having the DC footage stick out like a sore thumb on most releases has also heightened my preference of the TC.
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Years ago there was an interview with Paul Verhoeven where he talked about his preferred colour palette vs Jost Vacano's, one favoured 'cooler' colours the other 'warmer'. I can't find it now for the life of me
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Great thread! Lots of good information.

Captain Solo,

As Dek Rollins stated he, and I'm sure many others, prefered the DC, but based on general feedback on the net I think we can say for sure that the TC is the more preferable cut overall.

(2019-12-01, 06:57 AM)Stamper Wrote: BDgeek the PCM from the Sony 5.1 is just a crap remix without any impact.

Thanks Stamper, in that case, sure, scrap it.

(2019-12-01, 06:57 AM)Stamper Wrote: Finally I decided not to bother and just muxed the LD track and the LD french track to the Sony image.

(2019-12-03, 09:16 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: And keeping track of all the audio shenanigans makes my head ache, so I prefer to keep things simple and stick with the unadulterated PCM from the LD.

I must have missed something, so, I am correct to infer the LD PCM has already been captured? Would you both be refering to the same cap?
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Yes there is a LD PCM floating around.

The french PCM was captured by an internet friend and I synced it to the Sony disc.

The french is especially important because all Robocop french DVD and BR tracks are missing words there and there, filled up with other parts from the film, so the LD remains the only preservation of the original dub. For ex. instead of saying "Yes, I'm a Policeman", we now hear "Yes, I'm a Policio". Crazy stuff.

On note, I believe the Arrow TC disc is fine, with the 2.0 & 4.0 tracks being untouched. There are just alterations on the DC version, in the places where the DC add footage.
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I have a cap of the original north american vhs copy of robocop. i need to check audio against the arrow blu now
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I think the 4.0 sounded amazing
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