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Using DVD/BD menus, and videogame footage, for projects

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I'm working of the extended edition of Star Wars saga (http://originaltrilogy.com/topic/Star-Wa...p/id/52131) and I thought to use also the DVD menus - which are really beautiful, and even a small snippet from a live action part of a videogame.


Clip 1: I covered the menu writing with a frame without them; sadly, not perfect, I've used an interpolation avisynth script to reconstruct the frames with no corresponding writing-free ones; I've cut part of the usable image and made a "patchwork"; at the end I have 8 frames with the top perfect, and bottom reconstructed; I made everything in MSpaint, in a rush, so forgive me for the mediocre result - bit hey, it's just a test clip, after all!.
Before, I tried to use logo removal tool, but there are too many writings, and result was unsatisfactory; I thought also to reduce the mask used for the overlay somehow, using multiple languages menus, but I have available only English and Italian, so a median could not be used... if anyone has Star Wars DVDs with other languages, I'd like to try the theory.

* Episode 5 - possible intro to add before the project files

Test clip - used DVD menu and replaced parts covered with writings - 24s 30MB   (download link valid until 2017-02-02)


Clip 2: taken the untouched menu video, upscaled to 1080p, grain plate, cropped conveniently and readded black borders to have a coherent aspect ratio with the rest of the movie; fast color correction of the movie part, to be in line with the menu colors; audio is from the movie.

* **Episode 5 - Darth Vader and Luke encounter is "enhanced"**

Test clip - used a pan & zoom take instead of a static take; taken from DVD menu - 31s 40MB  (download link valid until 2017-02-02)


Clip 3: I finally found the Episode 3 ‘extended Count Dooku duel’ from the videogame… it’s just 3s shot, but, as it’s Christopher Lee, and it fits quite well, I decided to put it in; original quality is low, so final result isn’t perfect - it’s in color, at least - but we are talking about a 2005 PS2 game, and the cinematic sequence is also windowboxed…
For this, I just cropped the video game image, converted fps to 23.976, denoise, upscale, grain plate, and reinse

* **Episode 3 - Dooku says "Just because there are two of you, do not assume you have the advantage."**

Test clip - 3s cut dialog reinserted in the movie from Playstation 2 videogame - 12s 16MB (download link valid until 2017-02-01)


I'm working really hard on this project, that, I fear, will take all my time dedicated to restoration - but I wanted to make it so much, since really long time, so... feedbacks are not only REALLY welcome, but extremely NEEDED! Big Grin
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It seems nobody cares about it, apart me... well, I continue anyway! Big Grin

New test clip: replaced the original 2.35:1 vertical pan (which misses a lot of things, once stopped) with a 1.78:1, hence creating a variable aspect ratio clip...


Feebacks are needed...
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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It's a daring project to say the least! Can you blend all these different sources in a... believable way? That seems to be the biggest challenge in a project like this.

Can't download anything at the very moment, I don't have any space left on any hard disk, but this project is very ambitious, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress
Thanks Evit!

The videogame source was very low def, hence it could be spotted immediately, even if, as it's only 3s, and have a short dialog snippet of Christopher Lee, while in the movie there was no dialog in that shot, I think it could be forgivable.
Menu shots are really good; much better than GOUT DVD, better than 1997 broadcasts, on par, if not better, than 2004 DVD versions; when PaNup'ed, they fit quite well.

The project is, I must admit, really ambitious, as it will not be limited to just DVD menu shots, but aims to include as many deleted scenes/shots as possible, retaining a more than acceptable quality.

To give you a better idea, here is the latest clip - still unfinished, but very interesting... different from what I've seen before... thinking how to call this process - use of DVD/BD menus and videogame live action shots inside a project... unhortodox editing, maybe? Big Grin


C'mon, few MBs, download, watch, rate, delete and forget!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Unorthodox is an understatement! I don't think anyone has ever thought anything this crazy before.
Have you thought perhaps to release this only to DVD? It looks like you might benefit from lower resolution to make everything blend better together.
What are you gonna call it? It HAS to have a catchy name. And more importantly, when are you ripping audio from some more Laserdiscs? We're all waiting on that! Tongue
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Star Wars - Unhortodox Extended Edition (short: SW - UEE)

It will include at least one insert from videogame, several from DVD menus, and many deleted shots, some open matte. I would like to release it in HD, because, even if many added shots will not look like perfect, when cleaned and upscaled properly they are better than simple DVD resolution versions - and the rest of the movie is still HD. Maybe a VHS version, I'm think about it! Big Grin

Laserdisc capture: I should return, you are right... Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I like it. How about The TOTAL Edition?
I want it in VHS!
LOL! Have to find empty tapes, though! : D
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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