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Comvert .TS to DVD safely and effectively .....

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I have 4 laserdiscs captures that I'm going to be sharing on the spleen. They are in a .TS container. What is the safest and most effective way to put them in a DVD format?

Thank you.
Which is the video codec used? Resolution?
If the codec is not MPEG-2 and/or resolution is not 720/704x480/576, it's not DVD compliant and need a reencoding... in this case, better to leave it "as is", or at least remux in an MKV container - just to be compatible with some hardware that will not play transport stream files.
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mpeg-2, 720x480. It is the Japan release of the Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy and the Japan release of Phantom Menace.

If MuxMan muxes the files, they should play fine. If it chokes on them, a re-encode is required.
Gotchya, I will try it Chewtobacca, thanks for the suggestion.

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