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Computer Advice

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My daughter wants a new computer, my goal is to purchase something economical yet able to play back HD movies that I can put on her hard drive. She can use KODI (XBMC) for file playback and she can use my external Blu-ray drive for discs. What do you guys think?


Windows 8
3.7 GHz AMD A10 Quad
AMD Radeon HD8670D

On sale at Tigerdirect for $399.99
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Should be more than enough for those tasks... think I'm still using an 8 years old pc to make my projects... Sad
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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I agree, that should be plenty. I'm using a 2.3ghz dual-core laptop with 4gb of ram, half the gfx card you described and am able to play full 1080p HD from computer and bluray with no problem.
What you described there sounds like a powerhouse next to my machine and I'm sure your daughter will be happy with it.
Thanks Jerry! Just placed the order!

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