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Big Trouble in Little China - Netflix HD Master
Thanks for the clip, I like the overall quality.

For catpure: I'm not a streaming expert, but two or three captures could help where there are some resolution loss or other compression artefacts - making a median of three will get you the best two, deleting eventual problems in the worst one.
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Thanks for the feedback. At some point I may test the multiple capture theory but I think the streams are pre-rendered for different bandwidth and resolutions, not encoded on the fly. I just wish netflix's bitrate was higher, but hey that's life.
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Here is the same clip as before but with a 35mm grain plate applied, same x264 settings and bitrate:

It was just a quick test, the grain could probably be dialled in a bit.

This project will go on the back burner for a short while until Die Hard is completed but any thoughts/questions are still welcome. I love this film, I could watch it weekly, this particular version is of interest as it is so unique compared to previous releases.
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Even for this a laserdisc track will be a nice addition, I think...
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Finally got the screenshot comparison to work! It didn't like my huge .png's.

I will have to check but I believe the 2.0 PCM on the Arrow Blu Ray is the original Dolby Stereo Mix, it's certainly my favourite and is my go-to track. Laserdisc wise I think there was only the one original NTSC widescreen release, the UK release is redundant because the film was cut for the UK. Anyway, you can certainly see a difference in the caps, lots of green/blue and more contrast.
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Well done Zoidberg!

May I give you some suggestions?
Screenshotcomparison: use just JPGs, not much compressed; they are enough for comparisons, in particular quick'n'dirt Big Grin
Aspect ratio: if you would like to release the Netflix, it's better to correct it; as you can see, it's wider and shorter than BD, so the AR is compromised; you should reduce the height
Last thing: if the difference between BD and Netflix are "only" frame size and color (so no rotated frame, for example), AND if the size difference is consistent throught the whole movie AND you could color correct one to be the same of the other, you *could* think to use the slice technique to add some lines of resolution to top and bottom of the Netflix frame... I admit it's an hard task, though!
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It turns out VLC player takes snapshots at 1090x1920 so that may account for the aspect ratio. If it's a new film scan that may also account for changes in framing, if I recall the Arrow release was zoomed in slightly compared to the Fox blu. But you're right, it's something I hadn't thought of before - thanks for the tip!
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Any more thoughts on this one? I'll be picking this up again in the New Year.
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You have the ld or 2 channel Dolby stereo/surround mix?
New members: Please do not post or PM asking where to get something. Projects are for long term, participating members only. Stick around and make some friends
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I have the UK Arrow Blu Ray which has PCM 2.0 and DTS-HD Master 5.1, said to be the Dolby Surround/70mm 6-track mixes. I prefer the balance of music/effects in the PCM. I also have the 2-disc Special edition NTSC DVD and the USA Blu.
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