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Big Trouble in Little China - Netflix HD Master
Cool beans
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Netflix stopped streaming Big Trouble on new year's Eve, good thing I capped it when I did!
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Glad to hear you have that copy then
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Quick update on this one, it's been a while...

I'm currently putting this together. I've synced this release with the UK Arrow release, which syncs with the US Fox Blu (although the Arrow has a couple of second of black at the end extra). The Arrow/Fox and Netflix have exactly the same frames. I'll include the Arrow's PCM 2.0 and DTS-HD 5.1, although I might put the 5.1 in a separate folder as an optional soundtrack. I'll probably stick the commentary on as well.

As I mentioned in the New Year Netflix removed Big Trouble from streaming rather abruptly. I've reviewed my capture and near the end there are a few slight bumps in the compression, nothing heinous, best described as bouncing from 1080p to 720p. Unfortunately as the stream has ended I cannot recapture that sequence. I'm going to add a grain plate as with Die Hard, in order to blend with the existing grain in the capture and help mask the macroblocking from Netflix's heavy compression. I'll be releasing as a blu ray compliant MKV which will fit a BD25.

I've thought about ways of replacing the affected shots: regrading the Blu ray, some kind of colourmatch script, etc., but that will take trial and error (and time). Consider this a v1.0 until something better comes along, or at least until it returns to Netflix.
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Don't forget to take in account final m2ts size , that will be larger than mkv
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You're right, I will encode for target size BD25 allowing for m2ts headroom. So the resulting MKV will be smaller. It's only 100 minutes or so, should fit nicely even with the DTS-HD.
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This is available now! See my new thread in the Released section
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