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Superman 2 longer version on Vudu
So is this worth grabbing?? Does the extra footage work?
Was curious before I download this... Thanx for the answer in advanceOk
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It's definitely worth grabbing. I personally may never use any of the footage, but It was worth it to see it and archive it. The movie definitely plays better with this footage in it, barring the souffle scene, though I won't be going back to watch the Donner Cut in it's entirety any time soon.
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Sweet. Fortunately, thanx to the holidays coming up, I get to use them as an excuse to get some much needed new HDDs. Then, this will get snatched up quickly. Thanx for sharingWink
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No probs, you have a couple of weeks to take advantage of freeleech too.
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Late to the party (as usual!) but is this out in the wild somewhere or has it been lost these past couple of years? I'd love to be able to see the scenes in decent quality - other than the blu ray all I have is an AVI of the ABC extended version. If possible could you point old Krenko in the right direction?
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It's still on spleen
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(2019-02-17, 06:25 PM)dvdmike Wrote: It's still on spleen

Thanks dvdmike, but the Spleen's not within my reach unfortunately. Glad to hear this version has been preserved somewhere though. I'm sure it'll pop up somewhere I can nab it one day, I'm patient!
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I have it on my Mega account. I'll PM you the links. It's the same one from Myspleen.
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(2019-02-18, 02:44 AM)Booshman Wrote: I have it on my Mega account. I'll PM you the links. It's the same one from Myspleen.

Many thanks again Booshman. Just watched it and it was great to see Little Willie and his exploding horse in high definition and widescreen for the first time. I think I prefer this to the blu-ray cut actually. I'd love to know exactly how this version of the film got out and I wonder if anybody but the viewers even know?

Incidentally, when I de-rarred the files 7Zip was expecting 99 parts but I only had 98. It turns out the very last part of the end credits was missing so it doesn't matter. Was this my error or yours? Either way, doesn't really matter. Apologies for getting off-topic!
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