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The Little Mermaid (1989) - Trailer restoration

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Back in 2006 I've re-edited the trailer for The Little Mermaid, but the project was never finished, due the titles. Today the project has been "finished" with the help of taas007. He re-recreated the movie title and credits for the trailer.

You can view the trailer on youtube.

Okay, it's only SD for now. But I'll upgrade it to HD as soon as I get Bambi on BD. When the true finished version is complete, I'll share the HD version here. Till then I hope you'll enjoy the released version nonetheless.

Trailer edited with Final Cut Pro 5.1
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I think I can help you with the Bambi clip, and I might even throw in some 3D footage from my own Blu-ray of The Little Mermaid for the reconstruction. I'll also try to find a source for the older version of the Disney logo at the start.
I have the Bambi clip. Just hadn't had time to finish. But thanks for offering your help Smile
Any time.

ETA: Could you send me the critical graphic assets, i.e. the titles and credits, via PM? Because I was thinking of making a 3D version of this, unless you were wanting to.
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There is a user at myspleen that has uploaded the Bonus LD material for this film if anyone wants them.

(2017-07-02, 03:09 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: There is a user at myspleen that has uploaded the Bonus LD material for this film if anyone wants them.

i don't have a myspleen account Cry
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They closed the invites a while back so you'll probably have to wait and see if someone here offers to share it up. Since you're new I would probably spend some time posting and learning before asking for anything. Let people get to know you first. That is always the best method of approach in places like these.

For new members: Please do not ask where to get something. Participate in the forum, talk to people, make friends. Then someone will help you find what you want.

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