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Star Wars - open matte
(2016-12-23, 09:17 PM)spoRv Wrote: LOL! Big Grin

But there is a better solution IMHO...

[Image: cinema_HVTV.jpg]

THIS ONE! Ok with this, every 2.35:1 movie is fullescreen!!!

PERFECT for watching some ST:TNG! Excellent.
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(2016-12-23, 09:17 PM)spoRv Wrote: LOL! Big Grin

But there is a better solution IMHO...

[Image: cinema_HVTV.jpg]

THIS ONE! Ok with this, every 2.35:1 movie is fullescreen!!!

No no no, the stormtrooper's too short, Tongue this is the future:

[Image: O06x6fZ.jpg]

And for optimum viewing pleasure you should probably watch the Silver Screen Collection Laserdisc LD rip for the picture. Let's see how it looks...

[Image: RoOaKfj.jpg]

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I love the future.
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Yep, I do like thick black borders, but they are on the wrong sides!!!

They should be like this:

[Image: crt_tv.jpg]
or, better, like the following, the ONLY way to properly watch Lawrence of Arabia remastered version:

[Image: Lawrencearabia.png]
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How about a tv JUST for watching Lawrence of Arabia remastered?
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No, wait! Remember that thing I showed earlier? Yeah, why don't we just digitally recomposite the actors on the screen?

[Image: qkMdMaw.png]

There, problem solved!
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It was done, for example for the Jabba shot in EP4 - where Han step on Jabba's tail...

It is a way that only studio could follow (or a VERY talented project maker, with a LOT of spare time to do that)... nevertheless, it's always another possibility!

Now I must find a catchy name for this new technique... open matte reconstruction is misleading; IMAX reconstruction is the same... what about the simple, but descriptive "full screen reconstruction"? Yes, another theoric technique who nobody will follow (for the moment, at least), but maybe in the future... neural networks... deep learning... we'll see!
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Here we go:
[Image: Lawrencearabia.jpg]
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In all seriousness: without even realising, Valeyard has provided us with a solution: stretch the image out over the entire matte, and put the original image on top of it, with a few slight adjustments.

[Image: oXC5HBp.png]
[Image: tNOCyFr.png]
[Image: J1fIG1P.png]

The only problem is that it'd only work on a select few shots.
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This is another way to fill the borders; another is to zoom out the image, more on the vertical axis to reach top and bottom, and less on the horizontal axis, and crop; some image parts will be lost on both sides, but I think this method should work with more shots.
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