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Looking for the "right" Terminator 2 color grading...
(2019-02-13, 07:53 PM)Stamper Wrote: I was watching some LD rips someone upped online, it's so crazy that with LD low resolution, you couldn't see the face of the rider wasn't his, on the jump or the explosion! Nice soundmixes btw, which I will sync once I'm done with T1 syncs.

Bad rips, I could tell on VHS
Thanks given by: nafroe
Maybe this help, I love these colours from this version:

[Image: NG7Vlyh.jpg]
Thanks given by: nafroe
Way too bright, but the purple may be closer
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I'm nostalgic for the home-video days when this movie looked awesome.
Thanks given by: Nfsfan83 , dvdmike
(2020-04-05, 03:37 PM)Stamper Wrote: I'm nostalgic for the home-video days when this movie looked awesome.
I agreed in 100% Smile I hate and don't understand, why when movie is remastered they change colors???

I hate teal and orange and I notice mostly Cameron movies are teal:

1.Terminator 1984 Remastered
2. Aliens 1986 Blu Ray
3. Terminator 2 1991 on 4k

And why they, if must make new version, why also make old colors version on blu ray?

Example Aliens teal and Aliens pink and blue colors from DVD and VHS, I mean 2 blu ray with 2 color versions.
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That's odd: TCM in France is currently showing the old HD master, not the 3D remaster, while other channels like Arte has already "updated" to the new master.
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Channels use whatever master they have on the shelf they used before. Like Friends is widescreen HD on one channel, and SD cropped on another.
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TCM love showing old masters. ITV moved over to the new master for T2 late last year, weirdly Netflix are running the earlier T1 master ATM
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I dug up this demo of video mastering on the old T2 ultimate DVD, and thought folks here might appreciate it.

It goes into a fair bit of depth about colour choices and the compositional flexibility of Super 35. Note that this is a laserdisc-era supplement so much of the information is in static text screens, but the video demo in the middle is marvellous.
Thanks given by: TomArrow

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